Last night, the first commercial for WWE 2K17 revealed that Goldberg is going to be an unlockable character if you pre-order the video game that is set to be released this October.

However, there was an interesting “teaser” during the commercial that has a lot of people talking. You can view the entire commercial right here. Below is the teaser that could lead to one more match for Goldberg:


As you can see, a sign for “Suplex City” is clearly visible in the closing moments of the teaser, which could be a fun nod to the slogan, or something else in the video game.

However, there have been return rumors for Goldberg for months and then he’s revealed to be promoting a WWE game that led to the debut of Sting in WWE and the return of The Ultimate Warrior in WWE.

During a the pre-order interview for the game with Goldberg, he also mentioned Brock Lesnar as being one of the few men who could defeat him, so it’s cause a lot of speculation that Goldberg vs. Lesnar is in our future.

You can watch the full interview with Goldberg right here. Below are some of the highlights:

How does it feel to be a WWE 2K series pro-order bonus? 

“To follow in the footsteps of the people that have come before me as a secret character in the 2K series, it’s an honor that is hard to put into words really. All you have to do is mention the names that came before me. To know that my name is in the sentence with those guys, let alone following in their footsteps with this game. It’s a huge honor and it’s not to be taken lightly.”

Who would you play as if you wanted to beat yourself? 

“I would say, I’m going to have to choose Brock. I think Brock is the only one that would have the chance to beat me. Taker would, but he’s getting up there like me in age. So, I think Brock probably has the best shot.”

Do you want to see Goldberg vs. Lesnar again to better results this time?


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