Money In The Bank 2023
Date: July 1, 2023
Location: 02 Arena, London, England
Commentators: Michael Cole, Wade Barrett

We’re going international with this one and things could get very interesting. Aside from the two regular ladder matches, we also have the Bloodline Civil War, which is the real meat of the show. Throw in Seth Rollins defending the Raw World Title against Finn Balor and this could go somewhere. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at London itself with a James Bond style theme. The matches get their usual hypes.

Butch vs. Ricochet vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Logan Paul vs. LA Knight vs. Damian Priest vs. Santos Escobar

Men’s Money In The Bank. Paul gets surrounded and jumped to start before the people pair off. The ring clears out until Paul slides in the first ladder but Nakamura makes the save. Back in and a bunch of people crush Priest in the corner with a ladder until Knight drops everyone. Nakamura kicks Knight down and drops a knee to drive Priest into the ladder. Butch and Nakamura slug it out until Paul goes up again, only to get pulled down and beaten up again.

It’s time for the table and the cricket bat as Butch gets to clean house. Paul tries to get an alliance going with Priest, which includes setting up some tables before Priest lays him out. Escobar is back with a dive before Priest knocks a diving Paul out of the air. Paul is back up with a frog splash off the apron onto Priest onto a ladder, which doesn’t move. Back in and Escobar and Nakamura climb up, with Escobar’s arm getting cranked through the ladder.

Butch chokes Escobar on the ladder and they fall down onto a bridged ladder, allowing Ricochet to add a springboard 450 onto both of them. Almost everyone gets back in and Priest goes up until Knight suplexes him down. Paul drops Knight with a springboard Blockbuster and Nakamura dives off the ladder with a knee to Escobar. Butch climbs a ladder at ringside and moonsaults onto almost everyone, only to have Paul pull him down back inside.

It’s Escobar coming in to make the save but Nakamura makes another save. They both climb up on a ladder each until Ricochet and Paul join them. The big brawl is on until Knight shoves Nakamura and Escobar down. Knight shoves the other ladder over and Ricochet and Paul try to land on the ropes, with Ricochet hitting a springboard Spanish Fly onto (only through one) two tables at ringside.

As the referees check that Paul isn’t dead (since he landed on his face), Priest cuts Butch off but Knight breaks that up as well. Blunt Force Trauma hits Escobar and Nakamura is tossed, leaving Knight to….get cut off by Priest, who Broken Arrows him down. Priest gets the briefcase at 20:34.

Result: Damian Priest won the Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder match (20:34)

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Shayna Baszler/Ronda Rousey vs. Liv Morgan/Raquel Rodriguez

Baszler and Rousey are defending. Morgan avoids Baszler’s arm stomp to start and sends Baszler to the apron for a springboard dropkick. Rodriguez powerbombs Morgan over the top onto the champs but Baszler goes after the arm back inside. Rousey comes in for some arm cranking but Morgan gets over to Rodriguez for the tag.

A choke doesn’t work for Rousey, who gets caught in a superbomb for a heck of a crash. Morgan comes back in and gets armbarred by Baszler….and ankle locked by Rousey at the same time. Rodriguez makes the save and Morgan has to escape the Kirifuda Clutch. Rousey comes back in and Baszler decks her, setting up the Clutch on Rousey as Morgan looks shocked. Oblivion gives us new champions at 8:28.

Result: Liv Morgan/Raquel Rodriguez b. Shayna Baszler/Ronda Rousey – Oblivion to Rousey (8:28)

Damian Priest doesn’t know which title he’ll cash in on, but he’ll be champion.

Intercontinental Title: Gunther vs. Matt Riddle

Gunther is defending and has to fight out of an armbar to start. Riddle’s kicks to the ribs are blocked and the big chop puts Riddle down hard. Some forearms don’t get Riddle very far so he goes for the leg, only to have Gunther stomp him down. Gunther goes after the previously damaged ankle, including a legbar.

Riddle fights up and hits a heck of a clothesline but Riddle is right back with a Penalty Kick. The Floating Bro gets two (because Riddle’s leg can heal really fast) but he gets chopped down. The splash is countered into a triangle choke but Gunther powerbombs his way out of trouble. The half crab is broken up so Gunther chops at the ankle and then cranks away to retain at 7:40.

Result: Gunther b. Matt Riddle – Leg crank (7:40)

Post match Drew McIntyre makes his return and lays out Gunther with the Claymore. Yeah he’s still popular.

We recap Dominik Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes. Dominik was his usual disrespectful self and slapped Cody in the face. It’s time for revenge, as Cody wants to teach him some respect.

Cody Rhodes vs. Dominik Mysterio

Rhea Ripley is here with Dominik, who runs off to start. Back in and Dominik slaps him, only to have Cody rip off the cast on his arm. Now the beating is on, including the drop down uppercut and a powerslam, meaning it’s time to head outside. Dominik tries to bail through the crowd but gets sent back, where Rhea gets between them. The distraction lets Dominik get in a few cheap shots and we hit the chinlock back inside. Cody fights up and, after shrugging off the Three Amigos, hits the Disaster Kick. An Alabama Slam sets up the Cody Cutter and Cross Rhodes finishes Dominik at 6:35.

Result: Cody Rhodes b. Dominik Mysterio – Cross Rhodes (6:35)

And now, here’s John Cena! He doesn’t know what to think of the fans singing the right words to his song and wonders why it took twenty years to come back here for another major event. The decision makers around here think this is a hostile environment with fans who try to take over the show. The people ARE the show and he is here to let them know that they are underappreciated.

Cena is big on respect and the people here have earned his respect. The fans chant him a thank you and Cena talks about how much fun it is to stop like this for a special moment. He’s here to try to bring Wrestlemania to London (oh the people like that one) and seems to officially announce it (Maybe. It’s not entirely clear.). Cue Grayson Waller to talk about how much he loves Cena’s movies. He loves Cena’s hustle, loyalty and respect, so why is Cena lying to these people about Wrestlemania?

Waller thinks Australia sounds better but the fans don’t agree. He could even get Cena a spot on the show! Waller brings up Cena’s recent Wrestlemania failures and says he can be on the Grayson Waller Effect. Cena will pass and doesn’t understand Waller, who decks Cena from behind. The AA leaves Waller laying. That wasn’t an official announcement, but it’s hard to imagine that kind of a tease with something that specific without it going somewhere.

Trish Stratus vs. Becky Lynch vs. Zoey Stark vs. Iyo Sky vs. Bayley vs. Zelina Vega

Women’s Money In The Bank and according to the ring announcer, Bayley is now part of Judgment Day. Stratus sends Stark to jump Lynch in the aisle and the fight is on fast. Sky jumps off the apron to take out Bayley before Trish and Stark grab another ladder. Becky sends them into the ladder and Bayley (as the fans serenade her) throws in the big ladder. Sky and Bayley get into it, allowing Becky go try a climb.

Stark cuts her off and gets beaten down for her efforts and the Disarm-Her goes on, only to have Stratus make the save. Vega and Trish slug it out on a pair of ladders until Becky goes up, with Bayley not far behind her. Sky goes up but the ladder is off center, meaning it’s a moonsault to take out the pile instead. Becky and Trish go up top for a slugout but Zelina makes a save. That earns her a double powerbomb and it’s Trish vs. Becky fighting again. Stark pulls Becky outside for a ram into the post and let’s get the handcuffs.

Becky blocks being cuffed and bridges a ladder between the announcers’ table and the apron. As commentary points out that his is taking a LONG time, Becky hits the Manhandle Slam onto Trish onto the ladder. Back in and Vega hits a Code Red to bring Stark down off the ladder onto another bridged ladder in a scary crash. Sky goes up but Bayley shoves the ladder over. With Bayley going up, Becky makes the save and tries to handcuff Bayley’s mouth. Sky breaks that up and cuffs them together (through the ladder), allowing her to pull down the briefcase at 18:01.

Result: Iyo Sky won the Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match (18:01)

We recap Finn Balor challenging Seth Rollins for the Raw World Title. Balor wants revenge on Rollins for costing him so much of his career after Balor beat Rollins with one arm. This is about revenge, with the title being there too.

Raw World Title: Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor

Balor is challenging. They go to the mat to start and slug it out with Balor getting the better of things off a shot to the bad ribs. The fight heads outside with Seth hitting a suicide dive but having to dodge another double stomp to the ribs back inside. The Pedigree attempt is countered though and now the stomp can connect.

Balor stays on the ribs and knocks Rollins back to the floor as the confidence is picking up. Back in and Balor hits some shoulders to the ribs but Rollins manages a clothesline. Some kicks to the face and a backbreaker give Rollins two but Balor goes right back to the ribs. A Sling Blade hits Rollins, who Buckle Bombs Balor right back.

Balor gets his knees up to stop a splash and a rollup gets two. Rollins manages a Pedigree for a delayed two….and here’s Damian Priest with the briefcase. There’s no cash -in yet as Rollins hits a superkick to send Balor to the floor. The Priest distraction lets Balor hit a pair of Coup de Graces but another misses inside, as Balor was glaring at Priest. Rollins hits the Stomp to retain at 12:34.

Result: Seth Rollins b. Finn Balor – Stomp (12:34)

Balor isn’t happy with Priest.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are watching in a sky box.

We recap the Bloodline Civil War. The Usos finally got fed up with Roman Reigns treating them like garbage and fought back. The team is splitting and now it’s time for the big fight.

Usos vs. Solo Sikoa/Roman Reigns

Paul Heyman is here with Reigns and Sikoa. Jimmy and Sikoa stare at each other to start before Sikoa knocks him down hard. Jimmy isn’t sure what to do here but it’s off to Jey via a blind tag and Sikoa gets dropped. Reigns wants in and, after a rather long time, he gets to headlock Jey. Jey gets powered down but is fine enough to bring Jimmy back in. The threat of a double superkick sends Reigns bailing to the floor, where Heyman says I Jey has his way, Reigns’ son will be sitting at Jey’s table.

Back in and Jimmy slugs away but gets dropped with a single right hand. Sikoa gets to stomp away and we hit the nerve hold for a bit. One heck of a forearm drops Jimmy again as the fans decide that they should stand up if they hate Roman Reigns. That makes Reigns sit on the apron and complain to Heyman about how much he hates England. With that out of the way, Sikoa hits the running Umaga Attack and Reigns comes back in to add some shots of his own.

The nerve hold goes on again but Jimmy fights up. Reigns comes in and cuts Jimmy off so Jimmy kicks him away. There’s no Jey though as Sikoa makes a perfectly timed cut off so the beating on Jimmy can continue. Jimmy dodges the Superman Punch though and a Cactus crossbody puts them both on the floor. Back in and the hot tag brings in Jey to clean house, including a high crossbody for two on Sikoa.

Reigns tags himself back in but gets knocked outside, where the Superman Punch cuts off a diving Jey. Another one connects back inside but Jimmy makes his own blind tag and a double spear hits Reigns. Sikoa has to make a save this time around as Reigns wasn’t getting up. We get the big showdown and Reigns Superman Punches Jimmy (didn’t get all of it) for two. Reigns is frustrated and it’s made even worse when the spear is cut off with a superkick.

The Superfly Splash is pulled into the guillotine but Jimmy powers up. Jey comes in….and the referee gets bumped. Jey superkicks Reigns into a not great 1D with no one to count. Sikoa breaks up the double Superfly Splashes and it’s a pair of release Rock Bottoms to the Usos. Jimmy gets Spiked and a spike/spear kill Jey dead so Reigns can stack them up for…..two. Reigns looks like he’s about to cry and Heyman is speechless.

Sikoa loads up the announcers’ table but the splash misses Jimmy and Reigns knows he’s in trouble. Jey superkicks Reigns (camera misses it) but he cuts Jey down with the spear for two….and a low blow on the kickout. A bunch of superkicks drop Reigns and Jey hits the Superfly Splash for the pin at 31:55 and a ROAR from the crowd.

Result: Usos b. Roman Reigns/Solo Sikoa – Superfly Splash to Reigns (31:55)

The Usos celebrate as the Bloodline looks lost to end the show.

Damian Priest won the Men’s Money In The Bank ladder match
Liv Morgan/Raquel Rodriguez b. Shayna Baszler/Ronda Rousey – Oblivion to Rousey
Gunther b. Matt Riddle – Leg crank
Cody Rhodes b. Dominik Mysterio – Cross Rhodes
Iyo Sky won the Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match
Seth Rollins b. Finn Balor – Stomp
Usos b. Roman Reigns/Solo Sikoa – Superfly Splash to Reigns

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