Ring Of Honor
Date: March 28, 2024
Location: Canadian Tire Center, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

We are eight days away from Supercard Of Honor but you might not know that based on the card that has been put together so far. There are currently three matches set for the show and while there is still time to have those added, it would be nice to see them actually announced. The main event this week will see Kyle Fletcher defending the TV Title against Black Christian so let’s get to it.

We run down the card.

Athena vs. Nikita

Non-title Proving Ground match, meaning if Nikita survives the ten minute time limit or wins, she gets a future title shot. Nikita starts fast with a Sling Blade and an X Factor gets an early one. A figure four necklock over the rope has Athena in more trouble but she pulls Nikita to the floor and hits a big forearm. That’s enough for Athena to get her vest off and send her into the barricade before coming inside. Quite the spinning faceplant puts Nikita down as we get a MAPLE SYRUP chant. Something like an abdominal stretch choke makes Nikita tap at 2:57.

Result: Athena b. Nikita – Abdominal stretch choke (2:57)

Post match the beatdown stays on but Hikaru Shida runs in for the save.

Lee Johnson wants the TV Title shot at Supercard Of Honor.

Cole Karter/Griff Garrison vs. Kaz Jordan/Victor Castella

Maria is here with Karter and Garrison, the latter of whom shoulders Jordan down to start. It’s off to Karter for a spinebuster before the villains just wreck both of them. With Jordan knocked to the floor, a running boot/flapjack combination finishes Castella at 2:02.

Result: Cole Karter/Griff Garrison b. Kaz Johnson/Victor Castella – Running boot/flapjack combination to Castella (2:02)

Dalton Castle vs. Nick Comoroto

Castle has the substitute Boys (their rhythm is off) and looks more than a bit off. Comoroto powers him into the corner to start and Castle shouts for him to GET OFF ME. That’s exactly what Comoroto does so Castle double legs him down without much effort. An attempt at a toss to the floor lets Comoroto skin the cat back in for a heck of a clothesline. Castle isn’t having that and German suplexes him into the Bang A Rang for the pin at 2:44.

Result: Dalton Castle b. Nick Comoroto – Bang A Rang (2:44)

Post match Taya Valkyrie comes out to say that yeah she and Johnny TV lost the Boys, but it’s not a big deal because they were BAD BOYS. Castle deserves what he is getting, including this, which includes a sneak attack from TV. Standing tall ensues.

Mark Briscoe talks about the Briscoes’ history in Philadelphia but then it was all taken away when Jay Briscoe dies. Mark tried to come back in the Continental Classic but came up short. That’s what Eddie Kingston did against Kazuchika Okada so it’s time for Mark to show that he is the real deal. It’s eleven years to the day that Jay won his first World Title so it’s time to man up.

Colt Cabana/Brandon Cutler vs. Rex Lawless/Bryce Donovan

Lawless is jacked and should get a chance somewhere based on his look alone. Cutler chops at the rather large Lawless and hurts his own hand in the process. Lawless takes Cabana down with a test of strength but it’s off to Donovan instead. Cutler and Cabana do a dance into an elbow/splash sequence but Lawless is right back up.

Cutler is planted to set up a jumping elbow from Donovan, only to have Cutler dive over Donovan and bring Cabana back in. The double Bionic Elbow puts Lawless and Donovan down but Cutler tags himself in for an airplane spin. Lawless is sent outside and it’s a pumphandle slam/clothesline combination to finish Donovan at 5:08.

Result: Colt Cabana/Brandon Cutler b. Rex Lawless/Bryce Donovan – Pumphandle slam/clothesline combination t0 Donovan (5:08)

Top Flight/Action Andretti vs. KPK

Andretti takes Abu down to start and gets two off a quick rollup. Darius comes in with an armdrag into an armbar before it’s off to Dante with a springboard stomp to the arm. Ahmed gets in a cheap shot from the apron to cut Andretti off though and the villains take over for the first time. It’s Abu coming back in with a slingshot hilo for two but Andretti slips out and dives over for the tag. Darius cleans house with a tornado DDT as everything breaks down. Darius and Andretti hit stereo dives, setting up Andretti’s split legged moonsault to pin Abu at 5:48.

Result: Top Flight/Action Andretti b. KPK – Split legged moonsault to Abu (5:48)

We look at how Queen Aminata and Billie Starkz made the finals of the Women’s TV Title tournament.

Diamante vs. Kiera Hogan

Diamante grabs a headlock to start and runs her over for a bonus. Back up and Hogan does the same to even things up a bit. They fight over wrist control for a change until Hogan gets her down with a hammerlock. That’s reversed into an armbar from Diamante but Hogan breaks out, with commentary saying it’s time to crank it up. Cranking ensues with…a wristlock, followed by a pop up legdrop for two on Diamante.

Hogan spends too long teasing the running hip attack so Diamante cuts it off and hits a running corner dropkick instead. Something like a seated abdominal stretch has Hogan in more trouble until she breaks out again. A missile dropkick puts Diamante down again and Hogan hits a sliding boot to the face for two. Diamante goes to the knee to no avail so Hogan scores with a superkick, followed by Face The Music for the pin at 8:34.

Result: Kiera Hogan b. Diamante – Face The Music (8:34)

Evil Uno vs. JD Drake

They spend the first minute plus in a pose off, with the Canadian Uno being rather popular. That includes a SEXY UNO chant so Drake grabs a wristlock and swivels his hips a bit. They trade running shoulders until Uno snaps off a running hurricanrana to the floor. Uno follows and they trade chops until Uno hits him in the face for a rather wise counter. A less than wise move sees Uno accidentally chopping the post, allowing Drake to get in a hard shot to the f..uh, mask.

Back in and Drake knees him down, setting up a Shining Wizard for two. Uno Hulks Up so Drake quickly forearms him to the floor. This time it’s Drake chopping the post by mistake to even things up a bit, leaving Uno to hit a dive. Back in and Uno hammers away in the corner until a DDT gets two. Uno swivels his hips a lot and takes off his vest, only to have Drake run him over. Drake misses a Vader Bomb and gets kicked in the face but still manages to avoid Uno’s Swanton. There’s a Cannonball to Uno, who is fine enough to avoid a moonsault and roll Drake up for the pin at 10:16.

Result: Evil Uno b. JD Drake – Rollup (10:16)

Supercard Of Honor rundown, with a six woman Stardom tag being added.

Hikaru Shida is ready for Athena.

TV Title: Blake Christian vs. Kyle Fletcher

Christian is challenging. This puts him slightly behind Fletcher, whose last win in Ring Of Honor was on January 10. Fletcher easily takes him down to start and does it again with a shoulder. Back up and Christian knocks him into the corner and gets in a bit of taunting, followed by a rollup for two. Christian sends him outside and flips into a Nightmare on Helm Street to plant Fletcher again.

Back in and Fletcher hits him in the face to take over, meaning it’s time to walk around and taunt the crowd a bit. Christian’s chops in the corner are cut off with a running elbow but he’s fine enough to hit a spear on the apron. A top rope elbow gives Christian two but Fletcher sends him hard into the corner. Fletcher’s brainbuster gets two and a bit of frustration is setting in. Christian drapes him over the top and hits a top rope splash to the back for two. That’s enough for Fletcher, who grabs the piledriver to retain at 8:00.

Result: Kyle Fletcher b. Blake Christian – Piledriver (8:00)

Athena b. Nikita – Abdominal stretch choke
Cole Karter/Griff Garrison b. Kaz Jordan/Victor Castella – Running boot/Flapjack combination to Jordan
Dalton Castle b. Nick Comoroto – Bang A Rang
Colt Cabana/Brandon Cutler b. Rex Lawless/Bryce Donovan – Pumphandle slam/clothesline combination to Donovan
Action Andretti/Top Flight b. KPK – Split legged moonsault to Abu
Kiera Hogan b. Diamante – Face The Music
Evil Uno b. JD Drake – Rollup
Kyle Fletcher b. Blake Christian – Piledriver

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