Ring Of Honor
Date: January 11, 2024
Location: Bojangles Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Last week’s show did not feature quite the normal amount of champions as even Athena was missing in action. I’m not sure what that is going to mean for the show going forward, but there is always the chance that it’s just a one off issue. Maybe this week’s show will be back to normal so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Jon Cruz vs. Zak Knight

Knight runs him over at the bell to start and hits a delayed vertical suplex. Cruz slips out of another suplex attempt but hurts his hand chopping Knight. A running hurricanrana takes Cruz down but he drop toeholds Knight face first into the buckle. The chinlock goes on, only to have Knight fight up for the break. Knight sits down on his chest for two but charges into a boot in the corner. Cruz’s Swanton gets two so Knight Razor’s Edges him into the corner. A running forearm finishes for Knight at 7:20.

Result: Zak Knight b. Jon Cruz – Running forearm (7:20)

Tony Nese vs. Marcus Cross

Before the match, Nese promises to take out some aggression here. Nese hammers him into the corner to start but Cross manages a hard kick. That doesn’t matter much as Nese takes him to the floor for a crash, followed by the Randy Savage neck snap across the top rope. Nese misses his springboard moonsault so Cross kicks away and hits a springboard elbow to the face. Not that it matters as Nese spins him into a sitout piledriver for the pin at 4:55.

Result: Tony Nese b. Marcus Cross – Sitout piledriver (4:55)

TV Title: Angelico vs. Kyle Fletcher

Fletcher is defending and has to go straight to the ropes to escape a wristlock. Back up and Fletcher knocks him down in the corner but Angelico is back with a kick to the head. Fletcher sends him into the ropes and out to the floor, where Angelico avoids a slingshot dive. Back in and Fletcher runs him over for two but Angelico hits a kick to the back in the corner. A belly to back suplex sets up a leglock on Fletcher, who is right back up. Fletcher kicks him in the back, setting up a piledriver for the pin to retain at 7:40.

Result: Kyle Fletcher b. Angelico – Piledriver (7:40)

Dalton Castle is still all upset and wants to face Johnny TV. The match is made, assuming TV agrees, but Castle knows that won’t happen. Castle begs Lexi Nair to go ask for him and gives her…something that might have been food from his jumpsuit.

Righteous vs. Dawsons

The Righteous jump them to start but Vincent gets caught in the wrong corner so Zane can hit him in the ribs. That doesn’t last long as it’s Dutch coming in to run Zane over. The swinging Boss Man Slam finishes for Dutch at 2:06.

Result: Righteous b. Dawsons – Swinging Boss Man Slam to Dutch (2:06)

Shane Taylor Promotions is ready to beat the Infantry in their 2/3 falls match tonight.

The Boys vs. Iron Savages

Jacked Jameson is here with the Savages. Boulder shoves Brent down to start but Brandon comes in for a dropkick. Brandon gets sent face first into the chest hair though as commentary talks about Woo Energy. A standing Sliced Bread gets Brandon out of trouble but Boulder is back with a World’s Strongest Slam/powerbomb combination. The electric chair splash finishes Brandon at 4:23.

Result: Iron Savages b. The Boys – Electric chair splash to Brandon (4:23)

Serpentico vs. Cole Karter

Karter jumps him to start and hammers away on the mat. A dropkick misses for Karter so Serpentico gets in a kick to the face and Downward Spiral for two. Serpentico fires off some more strikes but cue Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Griff Garrison for a distraction. Karter grabs a rollup with tights for the pin at 3:50.

Result: Cole Karter b. Serpentico – Rollup with tights (3:50)

Post match Garrison runs in for the beatdown but Angelico makes the save.

Johnny TV, with Taya Valkyrie, turns down Dalton Castle because Castle isn’t TV ready. Speaking of TV ready, Taya is ready for the Women’s TV Title. They realize Taya’s initials are TV and are rather pleased.

Lady Frost vs. Trish Adora vs. Queen Aminata vs. Diamante

Diamante and Frost are sent outside to start, leaving Aminata and Adora to fight over a backslide. Back up and Frost kicks her in the head for two but Diamante is back in with a rolling cutter on Adora. Frost drops Diamante and sends Adora outside but Adora is back in with a double powerbomb to drive Diamante onto Frost for two. Aminata hits a top rope double stomp to finish Frost at 3:25.

Result: Queen Aminata b. Lady Frost, Trish Adora and Diamante – Top rope double stomp to Frost (3:25)

Josh Woods vs. LaBron Kozone

Woods punches him down but Kozone nips back up. The GYT finishes Kozone at 45 seconds.

Result: Josh Woods b. LaBron Kozone – GYT (0:45)

The Infantry is ready for Shane Taylor Promotions tonight.

Robyn Renegade vs. Taya Valkyrie

Johnny TV is here with Taya. Renegade hits a quick dropkick to start but Valkyrie gets her into the corner for the running knees. The stomp (which is dubbed the Shania Pain) finishes Renegade at 1:46.

Result: Taya Valkyrie b. Robyn Renegade – Shania Pain (1:46)

Billie Starkz and Lexi Nair are very happy that Athena is gone because they can have fun. Starkz does have something to do though, including winning the Women’s TV Title.

Leyla Hirsch/Rachael Ellering vs. Brittany Jade/Emily Hale

Hirsch knocks Hale into the corner to start and it’s already off to Jade. That means the beating continues, with Ellering snapping off some chops. The Boss Woman Slam finishes Hale at 2:10.

Result: Rachael Ellering/Leyla Hirsch b. Brittany Jade/Emily Hale – Boss Woman Slam to Hale (2:10)

Post match Abadon pops up as a surprise, apparently interested in the Women’s TV Title.

Jack Cartwheel vs. Slim J vs. Blake Christian vs. Gravity

Christian and Cartwheel clear out the other two to start, with both of them escaping headscissors. Cartwheel takes over and hits a slingshot spinning elbow. Christian is back up to send Cartwheel outside for the big running flip dive. Back in and J starts to clean house, including a rope walk spinning kick to Christian’s face for two.

Christian kicks him down though,, only to have Cartwheel send them into the corners for cartwheel splashes. Gravity is back in to take over, including a slow motion Vader Bomb on J. Cartwheel hits another dive but gets taken down by Christian. Back in and Christian grabs a Texas Cloverleaf to make J tap for the win at 8:00.

Result: Blake Christian b. Slim J, Gravity and Jack Cartwheel – Texas Cloverleaf to J (8:00)

Athena is at a wrestling school where she says she is healing up a bit but Nyla Rose runs in to lay out Athena and the students. Rose puts her through a table.

Lee Johnson vs. Christopher Daniels

They trade armdrags to start until Johnson misses a dropkick. Johnson one ups himself by missing a high crossbody, allowing Daniels to start in on the ribs. Some shoulders to the ribs set up a gutbuster, followed by the logical waistlock. A middle rope elbow gives Daniels two and the waistlock goes on again. Johnson fights up and hits a quick dropkick into a jumping neckbreaker. A quick Angel’s Wings attempt is broken up so Daniels settles for a flapjack instead. That’s enough to set up the Angel’s Wings to give Daniels the pin at 8:34.

Result: Christopher Daniels b. Lee Johnson – Angel’s Wings (8:34)

Infantry vs. Shane Taylor Promotions

2/3 falls. The villains miss a cheap shot to start and get knocked outside, with the Infantry hitting stereo dives to follow. Back in and a jumping Downward Spiral gets two on Moriarty, setting up a running basement dropkick to the side of the head. A knee drop gets two on Moriarty but Taylor blasts Bravo with a right hand. Back in and Taylor hits the big right hand to pin Dean for the first fall at 3:21.

The second fall begins with Taylor ripping at Bravo’s eyes in the corner, setting up a hard clothesline for two. Bravo slips off the shoulders though and the hot tag brings in Dean to clean house. A Death Valley Driver into a frog splash finishes Moriarty to tie it up at 6:12 overall. Everything breaks down and all four are quickly knocked down. Bravo actually drops Taylor with a right hand for two but Taylor pulls him out of the air for a release Rock Bottom. Moriarty adds the suplex DDT for the pin and the match at 9:36.

Result: Shane Taylor Promotions b. The Infantry 2-1 (9:36)

Zak Knight b. Jon Cruz – Running forearm
Tony Nese b. Marcus Cross – Sitout piledriver
Kyle Fletcher b. Angelico – Piledriver
Righteous b. Dawsons – Swinging Boss Man Slam to Zane
Iron Savages b. The Boys – Electric chair splash to Brandon
Cole Karter b. Serpentico – Rollup with tights
Queen Aminata b. Diamante, Lady Frost and Trish Adora – Top rope double stomp to Frost
Josh Woods b. LaBron Kozone – GYT
Taya Valkyrie b. Robyn Renegade – Shania Pain8
Leyla Hirsch/Rachael Ellering b. Brittany Jade/Emily Hale – Boss Woman Slam to Hale
Blake Christian b. Slim J, Jack Cartwheel and Gravity – Texas Cloverleaf to J

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