Ring of Honor
Date: December 2, 2020
Location: UMBC Events Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Caprice Coleman, Ian Riccaboni

We are less than three weeks away from Final Battle and a few of the matches have been announced. There are going to have to be some changes made on the show due to the pandemic messing with so many things, but the question is which changes are going to be made. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

The Foundation talks about how they are here to rebuild Ring of Honor and that means Rhett Titus can take off his mask. Actually hang on as Tracy Williams says why show a face that no one has cared about for so many years. They aren’t the bad guys and they will claim all of the titles.

Josh Woods talks about being successful in everything he has done in his short career. Jay Lethal’s long career isn’t as successful anymore and that is making things change a bit. Pure wrestling is made for him and while Jay Lethal beat him with the Lethal Injection before, every hold has a counter. This win is going to change how people look at him.

Jay Lethal loves how the pure wrestling has gone so far and it warms his heart. He didn’t beat LSG in his last pure wrestling match though because LSG beat himself. Granted Lethal would have beaten him in another minute. Lethal respects LSG but now he has serious respect for Woods, who is scary in something like this. As cocky and dangerous as Woods is though, Lethal will beat him and won’t need the judges’ decision. Woods should win this match, but he won’t.

Jay Lethal vs. Josh Woods

Pure rules. They fight over a lockup to start before Woods offers Lethal the leg. Lethal is smarter than that so Woods goes for the arm instead. That just earns him a headlock on the mat from Lethal, who switches up to the leg in a hurry. Woods breaks that up in a hurry and it’s a standoff in the middle. Another armbar has Lethal in trouble so he uses his first rope break.

That’s not cool with Woods, who suplexes him down and hammers away, setting up a waistlock. Lethal is up with his hiptoss into a basement dropkick to send us to a break. Back with Lethal holding a reverse chinlock with Woods having to go to the rope for the first time. Woods kicks him down (Ian: “Right in the pituitary gland!”) to the floor and it’s a backbreaker into a German suplex for two back inside.

Lethal is back up with a toss to the apron and a dropkick to the floor. The lack of time means it’s only one suicide dive but Hail To The King is countered into a cross armbreaker. That’s broken up but the Lethal Injection is countered into a choke. Woods grabs a grapevined ankle lock but Lethal stacks him up for two. That’s fine with Woods, who pulls him into a rollup for the pin at 14:04.

Result: Josh Woods b. Jay Lethal – Rollup (14:04)

Here’s the first edition of Trending With Matt Taven. His first guest is Mike Bennett, who talks about doing this since he was fifteen years old. Bennett first signed with Ring of Honor in 2011 and now he’s back because Taven needed someone to have his back.

Mark Briscoe likes the idea of being a twelve time Tag Team Champion but Jay Briscoe is worried about EC3. Maybe being quarantined messed with the oxygen to his brain. Mark is getting the shot, but he needs to find a partner.

Brody King talks about what it meant to beat a former World Champion in Dalton Castle. He is taking the same mentality into his match with Shane Taylor, because it is time to move up the ranks. Shane is like a rock, but Brody is like a rock launched out of a catapult. King is here to prove why he belongs in the World Title scene.

Shane Taylor talks about the weight being off of his shoulders now that he has beaten Kenny King. Now it is time to go after the World Title and that sets his sights on Brody King. He has no problem with Brody King and they are similar, but Brody is in the way of his path to the World Title. Being champion means you can’t ignore him anymore and no one is dictating his value any longer.

Brody King vs. Shane Taylor

Taylor has the Soldiers of Savagery with him….and then they go to the back for the bell. King chops away against the ropes to start and Taylor is knocked to the floor. There’s the big flip dive from the apron as Taylor gets chopped around ringside. Taylor is sent into the barricade and we take a break. Back with Taylor dropping him on the floor and sending King into the barricade to even things up. That’s enough for a nineteen count so Taylor yells about the speed.

Back in and King knocks him into the ropes again, setting up the Cannonball against the ropes. A Death Valley Driver into the corner drops Shane and we take another break. We come back again with King slapping him down (and Caprice doing a Keith Lee impression), only to have Taylor run him over for two. King plants him as well but the Gonzo Bomb is blocked. Taylor gets two off the package piledriver and they both need a breather. King blasts him with a clothesline, followed by a standing clothesline for the pin at 12:37.

Result: Brody King b. Shane Taylor – Clothesline (12:37)

They shake hands to end the show.


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