Unless I’m forgetting something, this is the first time NXT has left Orlando for a televised event since Stand & Deliver over Wrestlemania weekend. At some point they just need to get out of Florida and heading to Charlotte is as good of a way as any. The card actually has me interested this time, though the television show from this week wasn’t so great. Maybe they can overcome that with a good one here so let’s get to it.

North American Title: Wes Lee(c) vs. Dijak

We’ll start off with one that can go either way as Dijak is a monster who can run through a lot of people and Lee is someone who could be champion for a nice run. This has been built up for a few weeks with Dijak speaking more and more like an 80s movie villain. Lee has turned into a much better star than I would have expected him to be and this is a tossup so far.

I’ll go with Lee here, as it would not surprise me to see Tony D’Angelo and Stacks come in to cost Dijak the match. Dijak is someone who needs to be protected in a loss but I don’t think it’s early enough for Lee to drop the belt either. The title is all Lee has done in WWE on his own and he isn’t ready to move up to the next level yet. Instead, let him do his underdog thing here, as the power vs. speed dynamic should work well here.

Tag Team Titles: New Day(c) vs. Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly vs. Chase U

We have another interesting one here as it could go in multiple ways. First up you have the champs, who are pretty easily the biggest stars in NXT. Then you have Gallus, who have returned and could use the boost. Pretty Deadly are already two time champions but they are owed a win back from New Day. Finally you have Chase U, who will be the crowd favorites, even over New Day.

As much as I’d like this to be Chase U, just so they can FINALLY win something, I think I’m going to take New Day to retain. It’s a coin flip between them and Gallus, as Pretty Deadly has held the titles enough already. Chase U…..I’d love to see them win something in a surprise and they might one day, but it’s not going to be here. I’ll stick with New Day, who can drop them soon enough.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Katana Chance/Kayden Carter(c) vs. Fallon Henley/Kiana James

Then there’s this one, and the more I hear from Chance and Carter, the less I want to see them on any show. I get that they are told everything to say and all that jazz, but it is cringe inducing to hear them speak in any way about any thing. They’re supposed to be some great champions or something and maybe it’s that the titles have barely been around for less than two years but I’m not seeing it.

I’ll take Henley and James to win the titles here, as the wacky partners idea would fit in perfectly for this story. I don’t like that booking trope at all, but it makes sense as a reason for the two of them to have to work together. Chance and Carter are a good enough team in the ring, but there is nothing for them to do at the moment and that is rather clear every week.

Apollo Crews vs. Carmelo Hayes

This one is all about the future, as Hayes needs to either be the next NXT Champion or on his way to the main roster. There is nothing left for him to do outside of moving up somehow and I think NXT is starting to realize that. On the other hand you have Crews, who has put in some of his most memorable work in NXT and already has the main roster credentials.

Give me Hayes for the win here, as there is pretty much no reason for Crews to win. Crews is someone who has already gotten a lot of the accolades that he needs, so there is little reason for him to pick up the win here. Hayes feels like a top prospect and giving him a win over a former Intercontinental and United States Champion would be a great thing to see going forward.

Women’s Title: Roxanne Perez(c) vs. Jacy Jayne vs. Gigi Dolin

I’m still not sure I get the thinking behind Toxic Attraction’s plan to mess with Perez. So they were just suddenly going to pretend to have problems and then reveal the ruse a week and a half before the title match. What is the logic in giving it away so early. I don’t think I can see it having much of an impact either, and that brings us to the important part of the whole match.

Since I can’t imagine a title change so soon into Perez’s reign, I’ll expect her to get beaten down, only to have Toxic Attraction start fighting each other so the champ can retain. Perez has felt like the next big thing in the women’s division for a long time and that means she isn’t losing the title to former flunkies who can’t get out of their own way yet. Toxic Attraction is good, but they’re not taking the title here.

NXT Title: Bron Breakker(c) vs. Grayson Waller

In a cage and that means we are going to be playing the power vs. intelligence game. Granted that is all of the teasing that we have gotten for the match. Waller has been trying to get under Breakker’s skin to cost him for a long time now and it would not surprise me to see him finally pull it off and escape with the title. That seems to be what they have been teasing but can they pull it off?

I don’t see any reason for Breakker to retain the title here (unless Hayes it taking it from him in Los Angeles over Wrestlemania weekend. Waller seems like someone who could be great in a Miz style role and that is close to how he has been presented. The main thing would involve him winning a title he doesn’t deserve (in a way) and then brag about it. That has to start somewhere and it should be this week as he wins the NXT Title.

Overall Thoughts

Outside of a pretty weak Women’s Tag Team Title match, this is a show that looks pretty awesome on paper. It would be cool to see them stick the landing when they go on the road again and hopefully they make it work here. This feels a lot more like an old NXT show and if they can get close to that, we should be in for a heck of a show. NXT usually lives up to the hype too so maybe they can pull it off again here.

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