Date: March 15, 2024
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Blake Howard, Byron Saxton

Things almost have to be better after last week’s rather dull show. As usual, the show’s interest level hinges on the star power involved and there was almost none to be see last week. That needs to change here but you never know if that is going to be the case. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Lola Vice vs. Carlee Bright

Bright’s mom is in the audience. Vice takes her to the mat without much trouble to start and grabs the waistlock. That’s reversed into a headlock from Bright, followed by a running crossbody for two. Vice is right back with a spinebuster and we hit the neck crank. That lasts as long as the average neck crank, with Bright grabbing a backslide and small package for two each. Vice isn’t having that though and grabs a headscissors choke for the tap at 4:24.

Result: Lola Vice b. Carlee Bright – Headscissor choke (4:24)

Javier Bernal, now with the rather large (and debuting) Drake Morreaux, is ready for their tag match against the D’Angelo Family.

Javier Bernal/Drake Morreaux vs. D’Angelo Family

Stacks and Bernal fight over arm control to start until Stacks runs him over with a shoulder. Morreaux comes in and for some reason it’s off to Crusifino, who is powered into the corner. Crusifino is run over without much effort and it’s back to Bernal for the front facelock. A springboard elbow drop gives Bernal two but Crusifino ducks Morreaux’s running shoulder. Stacks comes back in and everything breaks down, allowing Stacks to hit Cement Shoes to finish Morreaux at 5:26.

Result: D’Angelo Family b. Javier Bernal/Drake Morreaux – Cement Shoes to Morreaux (5:26)

Wren Sinclair vs. Sol Ruca

The fans are glad to have Ruca (now with new tattoos) back and respect is shown before we get going. They fight over arm control to start until Ruca cartwheels away from a sunset flip attempt. Ruca takes her down out of the corner and we hit the headlock takeover. Sinclair reverses into a quickly broken headscissors before stereo crossbodies leave both of them down. Back up and Sinclair knocks her down again, setting up a chinlock. That’s broken up as well so they trade rollups for two each. Ruca scores with a dropkick and the Sol Snatcher finishes Sinclair at 6:02.

Result: Sol Ruca b. Wren Sinclair – Sol Snatcher (6:02)

More respect is shown post match.


Lola Vice b. Carlee Bright – Headscissors choke
D’Angelo Family b. Javier Bernal/Drake Morreaux – Cement Shoes to Morreaux
Sol Ruca b. Wren Sinclair – Sol Snatcher

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