Date: May 19, 2023
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Blake Howard, Byron Saxton

We’re getting closer to Battleground and that could be quite the shakeup for NXT. That is something LVL Up could use, as the show tends to be in a rather similar mold a lot of the time. It might be helpful for the wrestlers around here, but that doesn’t make things all that entertaining. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Eddy Thorpe vs. Kale Dixon

Feeling out process to start with Thorpe’s headlock not working all that well. Back up and Dixon runs him over with a shoulder, followed by some forearms to the spine. The neck crank and chinlock go on until Thorpe is up with a dragon screw legwhip. A Saito suplex out of the corner gets two on Dixon and the jumping elbow finishes him off at 4:52.

Result: Eddy Thorpe b. Kale Dixon – Jumping elbow (4:52)

Kelani Jordan and Wendy Choo are ready to team together against Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice. Apparently karma is a bi….scuit.

Kelani Jordan/Wendy Choo vs. Elektra Lopez/Lola Vice

Lopez powers Jordan around without much effort to start and it’s Vice coming in for a double shoulder. Back up and Jordan takes Vice over to Choo for an assisted moonsault. A tornado DDT hits Vice but she brings Lopez in off a blind tag to take over. Jordan gets knocked hard into the corner and a gutbuster sets up a body vice to stay on the ribs. A quick kick away allows the tag off to Choo as everything breaks down. The Snooze Button gives Choo the pin on Vice at 5:36.

Result: Kelani Jordan/Wendy Choo b. Elektra Lopez/Lola Vice – Snooze Button to Vice (5:36)

Dante Chen vs. Luca Crusifino

They fight over a lockup to start as we get a LET’S GO LAWYER chant. Chen goes for the hammerlock to take over before some armdrags into the armbar have Luca in more trouble. Back up and Luca grabs a neckbreaker for two, followed by the double arm crank. With that broken up, Chen hammers away in the corner but the threat of the double chop sends Luca outside. Luca loads up the briefcase but when it’s taken away, a thumb to the eye lets him roll up Chen for the pin at 5:15.

Result: Luca Crusifino b. Dante Chen – Rollup (5:15)

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