Date: May 13, 2022
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Sudu Shah, Nigel McGuinness

We’re in an interesting place on NXT as the show is now featuring some of the people who started here. It makes this one feel a bit more like a launching pad and that could open up some doors for something more interesting. Then again, it might have absolutely nothing to do with anything going on here. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Sanga vs. Dante Chen

Sanga throws him into the corner to start but Chen swings out of a slam to set up an armbar. A side slam cuts Chen off and some shots to the back of the neck make it worse. The cobra clutch sets up a missed legdrop and Chen hits a quick short DDT. Sanga blasts him with a clothesline and finishes with the chokeslam at 5:07.

Result: Sanga b. Dante Chen – Chokeslam (5:07)

Elektra Lopez vs. Thea Hail

Lopez powers her into the ropes to start but Hal grabs a rather nifty headlock. Some shoulders stagger Hail but she’s back with some running dropkicks. Lopez takes her down by the arm though and a legdrop on the arm makes it worse. The armbar with a chinlock goes on before it’s off to a rather nasty arm crank. Hail powers up and manages to take her down, only to miss a dropkick. A Blue Thunder Bomb gives Lopez the pin at 5:06.

Result: Elektra Lopez b. Thea Hail – Blue Thunder Bomb (5:06)

Javier Bernal vs. Trick Williams

Carmelo Hayes is here with Williams. Bernal starts working on the arm and manages to take him down for an early chinlock. That gets shifted into a headlock but Williams slips out and hits a heck of a dropkick. A jumping clothesline gives Williams two and he plants Bernal again, allowing some trash talking. There’s a flapjack for two more before Williams grabs a standing armbar. Bernal jawbreaks his way to freedom and it’s an atomic drop into a Russian legsweep. Williams isn’t having that and hits a spinning kick to the face for the pin at 6:20.

Result: Trick Williams b. Javier Bernal – Spinning kick (6:20)


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