I guess he isn’t a fan. There are all kinds of wrestling legends in the world but only a few of them are among the all time names. It is very rare to get to see someone still active into a sixth decade, but we might be seeing that later this year if a rumored match takes place. However, a former wrestling personality is not too thrilled at the idea of a legend getting back in the ring.

Earlier this week, news broken that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, 73 years old, was considering a return to the ring to wrestle a match later this year. Since the announcement, former WCW broadcaster Chris Cruise has contacted the Maryland State Athletic Commission, saying that due to his age and health issues, Flair should not be allowed to return to the ring. There is no word on a response from the Commission. Here are Cruise’s comments, from his Facebook:

“Hey you rubes, I screw around here a lot, but this is serious: Ric Flair should not be allowed to wrestle. Some reports indicate he has been working out with Jay Lethal in preparation for returning to the ring. He can’t be stopped from doing so in states that don’t have athletic commissions and licensing protocols, but insurance companies can step in and refuse to issue a bond to a promotion that books him. And for those states that do have commissions, they should be contacted to demand that they not allow Flair to wrestle. Simply put, Ric Flair returning to the ring is not wise. No how, no way. He’s 73, in poor health, an alcoholic, and has a pacemaker installed.

Today I emailed the following to the Maryland State Athletic Commission, since I live in Maryland, and will contact other commissions as well. I would encourage you to also email the commission ([email protected]) and urge its members to deny Flair a license. It won’t take long and could help keep Flair alive. Here is the email I sent:

To the Commissioners of the Maryland State Athletic Commission:

Recently, published reports indicate the professional wrestler known as Ric Flair, who is 73 and has a pacemaker, is considering returning to the ring. That is not wise. It’s almost as if he wants to die in the ring.

I am writing as a citizen of Maryland to express my concern about the prospect of Mr. Fleihr being granted a license to wrestle in this state. I’m sure you understand how disastrous it would be for the Commission if he died in the ring during a performance for which you granted him a license.

I’d like to know what standards the Commission has for granting a license to a professional wrestler. Is a physical examination required? Are athletes over 70 and who have a pacemaker installed allowed to wrestle professionally in Maryland?

I look forward to your reply.”

Opinion: I know Flair can do what he wants, but I do appreciate someone like Cruise trying to help Flair from getting in his own way. Flair may want to wrestle, but that doesn’t mean he should be allowed to do so. Given his age and health issues, it doesn’t exactly sound like the best idea. I’m sure that if he wants to he eventually will, but someone saying something is hardly a bad idea.

What do you think of Cruise’s actions? Do you want Flair to wrestle? Let us know in the comments below.

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has seen over 60,000 wrestling matches. He has also been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 6,000 full shows covered. You can find his work at kbwrestlingreviews.com, or check out his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books.

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