Date: January 26, 2024
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Blake Howard, Byron Saxton

We’re back to the show that sets up the show that sets up the Royal Rumble so this is kind of the grandchild of the show that is happening tomorrow. In other words, this show will have no impact on the Royal Rumble at all, even if commentary will likely talk about it more than once. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Von Wagner vs. Keanu Carver

Mr. Stone is here with Wagner. The rather strong Carver powers him into the corner to start and manages one heck of a Pounce to send Wagner flying. A World’s Strongest Slam plants Wagner for two and we hit the old school bearhug. Wagner fights out and wins the exchange of right hands. A top rope shot to the head sets up the Death Valley Driver to give Wagner the pin at 4:27.

Result: Von Wagner b. Keanu Carver – Death Valley Driver (4:27)

Luca Crusifino is ready for Riley Osborne tonight and makes a bunch of lawyer puns.

Kelani Jordan/Brinley Reece vs. Kiana James/Izzi Dame

James and Jordan fight over a lockup to start with Jordan snapping off a headscissors. Dame comes in and takes over on both of them until they take out her legs. The villains take Jordan into the corner though and the stomping is on. The double arm crank goes on for a bit but Jordan flips over and brings in Reece to clean house. Then the Dealbreaker finishes Reece at 5:08.

Result: Kiana James/Izzi Dame b. Kelani Jordan/Brinley Reece – Dealbreaker to Reece (5:08)

Riley Osborne vs. Luca Crusifino

Osborne takes him down but the leg crank doesn’t get him anywhere. Crusifino’s headlock is just as ineffective but he sends Osborne outside and starts in on the leg. Back in and Crusifino kicks away at the leg, meaning the cranking can continue. The knee is rammed into the mat and we hit the half crab. Osborne fights out, hits a leg lariat, shakes his knee a bit, and hits a shooting star press for the pin at 6:22.

Result: Riley Osborne b. Luca Crusifino – Shooting star press (6:22)


Von Wagner b. Keanu Carver – Death Valley Driver
Kiana James/Izzi Dame b. Kelani Jordan/Brinley Reece – Dealbreaker to Reece
Riley Osborne b. Luca Crusifino – Shooting star press

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