Date: February 10, 2023
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Blake Howard

So somehow, we’re coming off what was an actually entertaining episode last week. If they can keep up that energy this week, it should be another breeze of the show. What makes it more confusing is that it shouldn’t be hard to send in another middle of the road star to boost things up a bit. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We meet new commentator Blake Howard.

Tank Ledger vs. Kale Dixon

They trade wristlocks to start until Ledger takes him down with an armbar. An armdrag sets up another armbar and a World’s Strongest Slam gives Ledger two. Dixon manages to send him into the corner though and a neckbreaker gets two. Ledger fights out of a chinlock and a cartwheel into a splash gets another near fall. The running powerslam finishes Dixon at 4:59.

Result: Tank Ledger b. Kale Dixon – Running powerslam (4:59)

Axiom isn’t sure how to deal with a masked man like Scrypts, but he’ll figure it out.

Dani Palmer vs. Lash Legend

Legend powers her into the corner to start and blocks a sunset flip attempt with a right hand to the face. Palmer’s headlock doesn’t work but she can kick her way out of the corner. Legend plants her back down though and then does it again by the hair for a bonus. A corner clothesline and faceplant have Palmer in more trouble, with a chinlock making it even worse. Back up and Legend misses a charge, allowing Palmer to hit some dropkicks. Those are shrugged off and Legend bends Palmer over her back, setting up a spinning faceplant for the pin at 5:21.

Result: Lash Legend b. Dani Palmer – Spinning faceplant (5:21)

Axiom vs. Scrypts

Scrypts flips away from a snapmare to start so they trade wrist control with Axiom taking him down. Stereo nip ups give us a staredown so Axiom hits a dropkick to send him into the corner. Scrypts is sent outside but comes back in with a kick to the face to block the dive. Something like a spinning crossbody gives Scrypts two and the chinlock goes on.

Axiom fights up for the running shots to the face but a superplex is broken up. A moonsault press gives Scrypts two but Axiom kicks him in the chest for the same. The Golden Ratio misses though and Scrypts superkicks him down. Axiom kicks him out of the air though and the Golden Ratio finishes Scrypts at 6:40.

Result: Axiom b. Scrypts – Golden Ratio (6:40)


Tank Ledger b. Kale Dixon – Running powerslam
Lash Legend b. Dani Palmer – Spinning faceplant
Axiom b. Scrypts – Golden Ratio

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