Date: December 1, 2023
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Blake Howard

We’re back to whatever is classified as normal around here after last week’s kind of random Best Of show. It did a nice job of showing that some wrestlers who started around here do get to move up the ladder. Maybe some of the stars around here can do that as well, even if it could take some time. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Von Wagner vs. Luca Crusifino

Wagner, with Mr. Stone, throws Luca down to start and hits a running shoulder. Luca’s chop has as much effect as you would imagine and a middle rope forearm to the head drops Luca again. A quick neckbreaker does get Luca out of trouble and we hit the neck crank. That’s broken up and Wagner sends him flying with a belly to back toss. Wagner powerbombs him for the pin at 4:25.

Result: Von Wagner b. Luca Crusifino – Powerbomb (4:25)

Brinley Reece is a former cheerleader and fitness coach who can’t wait to start in NXT.

Brinley Reece vs. Elektra Lopez

Lopez has Lola Vice in her corner. Reece’s shoulder bounces off of Lopez to start before Lopez drops her without much effort. Back up and Reece grabs the armbar for a bit before Lopez hits a clothesline. The chinlock goes on to keep Reece down, only to have her fight up with a rather basic comeback. Moonsaults knees and a TKO give Reece two but Vice offers a distraction. Lopez grabs a chokebomb for the pin at 5:04.

Result: Elektra Lopez b. Brinley Reece – Chokebomb (5:04)

Tavion Heights vs. Drew Gulak

Gulak has his friends with him. Heights flips away from Gulak to start and grabs the ankle for some twisting. A slam gives Heights two but Gulak sends him outside for a cheap shot from Myles Borne. The leglock has Heights in more trouble before Gulak flips him over into a hammerlock. The chinlock doesn’t work as well for Gulak as Heights powers his way to freedom. Gulak is fine enough to hit a nice looking top rope clothesline but Heights starts the real comeback. A Sling Blade drops Gulak but his friends offer a distraction, allowing Gulak to hit a right hand for the pin at 6:10.

Result: Drew Gulak b. Tavion Heights – Right hand (6:10)

Von Wagner b. Luca Crusifino – Powerbomb
Elektra Lopez b. Brinley Reece – Chokebomb
Drew Gulak b. Tavion Heights – Right hand

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