Just in case thirteen wasn’t enough. “Wrestlemania XXXIII” had one heck of a card with ten matches on the regular show and three more on the pre-show. The show ran until after midnight on the east coast and was quite probably the longest major American wrestling show of all time. Clearly, one more match was needed.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio by way of Wrestlinginc.com, a fourteenth match was planned and even scheduled. There was going to be a six way cruiserweight match with participants unknown but the match was eventually scrapped. The six wrestlers were even told that they would be on the show before the plans were changed.

Opinion: I’d buy this as a pre-show match and little more. There’s not much of a reason to put these guys on the main show when they do almost the same thing every single week. Aries vs. Neville is on the show because it feels like a battle of the titans. Having six people in a match for the sake of having a multi-man match feels like filler, which was the last thing this show needed.

The New Day gives a sneak peek at the WrestleMania 33 set

Do you think this match should have been added? Who do you think would have been involved? Let us know in the comments below.


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