Date: January 27, 2024
Location: Brookshire Grocery Arena, Bossier City, Louisiana
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, Kevin Kelly

This is the show opposite the Royal Rumble and that means there are two distinct options. The first choice would basically be to punt and wait for next week, or to load it up with something big in the end. AEW has chosen the second, with FTR/Daniel Garcia vs. the House of Black in an elimination cage match. Let’s get to it.

Jon Moxley/Claudio Castagnoli vs. Shane Taylor Promotions

The brawl starts on the floor with Moxley choking Taylor and Castagnoli beating up Moriarty. They get inside with Moxley kicking away at Taylor’s leg but getting knocked into the corner for his efforts. A missed charge allows Castagnoli to come in for the hard uppercuts but Moriarty breaks up the Swing. Everything breaks down again and Taylor sends Moxley into the steps.

Back up and Taylor hits an apron legdrop onto Castagnoli as Moxley is favoring his hand. A regular legdrop gives Taylor two on Castagnoli, who suplexes Taylor with some impressive power. Moxley comes back in to clean house, including a running knee to rock Moriarty. Castagnoli Swings Moriarty, who asks for time out, until Taylor makes the save. Moxley can’t get the rear naked choke on Moriarty, who is back with a European clutch for two. A Hart Attack hits Taylor and Moxley chokes him out for the pin at 9:56.

Result: Jon Moxley/Claudio Castagnoli b. Shane Taylor Promotions – Rear naked choke to Taylor (9:56)

Undisputed Kingdom suggests they help Komander win the International Title so he can hold it for five weeks before Roderick Strong wins it at Revolution. Strong shakes his hand and says “deal” but it doesn’t seem like Komander understood.

International Title: Orange Cassidy vs. Komander

Komander is challenging. They trade rollups for two each to start and it’s already a standoff. Komander won’t let Cassidy get his hands in the pockets and they fight over an inverted Gory Special. Cassidy gets his hands in his pockets, misses a dropkick, and nips up anyway. With Komander on the floor, here is the Undisputed Kingdom as we take a break.

Back with Cassidy superkicking him into the corner to set up the stomping but Komander gets up again. A middle rope head fake sets up a middle rope Canadian Destroyer for two on Cassidy and a frog splash gets the same. Komander kicks him in the face a few times but charges into the Beach Break for two more. Back up and Komander snaps off a hurricanrana but stops to dive onto the Undisputed Kingdom. The distraction is enough for the Orange Punch to retain the title at 10:12.

Result: Orange Cassidy b. Komander – Orange Punch (10:12)

Post match Strong grabs the title and throws it at Cassidy.

Daniel Garcia has been attacked and left bloodied.

We get a rant from Toni Storm after Dynamite about Deonna Purrazzo. She’ll even show up with Mariah May….but not in Bossier City. Something about race horses being put down.

Mariah May vs. Lady Frost

May fires off the forearms to start but Frost chops her against the ropes. A running flip neckbreaker takes May down but she’s right back with a running dropkick. We take a break and come back with May cutting off a comeback attempt but getting dropped on her head with a German suplex. May is fine enough to hit a shotgun dropkick, only to be sent into the corner for a Cannonball. Frostbite (moonsault) is broken up though and May Day gives May the pin at 6:59.

Result: Mariah May b. Lady Frost – May Day (6:59)

Swerve Strickland picks Toa Liona for Hangman Page on Dynamite.

Page won’t say who he’s picking for Strickland…but hints at Rob Van Dam.

Eddie Kingston vs. Willie Mack

Non-title Proving Ground match, meaning that if Mack wins or survives the ten minute time limit, he gets a future title shot. Mack knocks him straight into the corner to start and a brainbuster gets two on Kingston. There’s the Cannonball into the standing moonsault to give Mack two more but Kingston takes him down and strikes away.

Back up and Mack kicks him in the face before trying the moonsault, only to come up favoring his knee. Kingston exploders him for two but Mack’s knee is fine enough to hit a sitout powerbomb. They strike it out until Mack hits a Stunner, only to have the Six Star frog splash hit raised knees. Kingston’s spinning backfist finishes Mack at 6:02.

Result: Eddie Kingston b. Willie Mack – Spinning backfist (6:02)

As Kingston is leaving, Bryan Danielson comes to the ring for his match but doesn’t even look at Kingston.

Yuji Nagata vs. Bryan Danielson

Eddie Kingston is on commentary. Feeling out process to start as Eddie praises Nagata and Nigel yells about Danielson. A early armbar doesn’t work for Danielson so Nagata takes over with a test of strength. We take a break and come back with Danielson working on the leg, including a running kick to the leg in said corner. The leg is wrapped around the post and Danielson adds a missile dropkick for two.

Nagata goes after the arm and hits an exploder before pulling Danielson into the crossface. That’s broken up as well and they strike away until Nagata takes him up top. A superplex is broken up but Nagata is fine enough to hit a super exploder. Nagata grabs what is better known as a Disarm-Her but Danielson slips out and grabs a dragon screw legwhip. They kick it out until Danielson hits a big one to the head. Danielson’s running knee finishes at 15:22.

Result: Bryan Danielson b. Yuji Nagata – Running knee (15:22)

Post match respect is shown but Kingston doesn’t buy it.

FTR doesn’t know if Daniel Garcia is ready to wrestle but Mark Briscoe comes in to say he’s there if FTR needs him. FTR appreciates that and they’ll keep him in mind.

Brian Cage is upset with losing the ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles but doesn’t know why people are talking about Hook. Cue Hook, who seems interested in giving Cage an FTW Title match.

Serena Deeb vs. Robyn Renegade

This is Deeb’s first match in about fifteen months. Deeb wrestles her to the mat to start and easily takes it into the ropes. They trade full nelsons and slaps to the face until Deeb hits a running clothesline. A neckbreaker over the middle rope drops Renegade and the Deebtox sets up the Serenity Lock to make Renegade tap at 2:58.

Result: Serena Deeb b. Robyn Renegade – Serenity Lock (2:58)

Post match Deeb asks the fans if they missed her and it feels good to be back. She wants the title because this is what she does and she is back.

Some CMLL stars will be here next week.

FTR/Mark Briscoe vs. House Of Black

In a cage with escape only elimination rules (which is different than last week, when it was just elimination rules). Hold on though as here is the House to jump Briscoe during the entrances and send him off the stage. The big brawl is on outside the ring, with King crossbodying Wheeler against the barricade. Cue Daniel Garcia, with his head bandaged and swinging a chair for the save but the House takes him down as well.

Harwood and Garcia are sent inside with Wheeler left on the floor, meaning it’s 3-2. King gives Harwood a chokebomb but Garcia fights up…as Wheeler dives off the cage onto everyone for a huge crash. We take a break and come back with Harwood spinebustering Black but Matthews kicks Garcia down. The House cleans house but it’s too early for any of them to escape.

The good guys fight back up and could leave….until Garcia opts to beat on the House even more. Wheeler Stomps Matthews but a brainbuster leaves everyone down again. Harwood and King go up and chop it out on the ropes until Harwood superplexes him down. That lets Harwood go to leave but King spears the door at him and they fall out at the same time. We take another break and come back with Matthews’ top rope Meteora connecting to leave all four down again.

Matthews and Wheeler go up and over, with Wheeler being bounds off the cage and through a table for the elimination. Hold on though as Matthews tries to go back up, only for Garcia to ram the cage to send him through another table at ringside. We’re down to one on one with Garcia vs. Black, with a referee being nice enough to tell them “three minutes”.

Garcia’s ankle lock is broken up and they’re both down again. Garcia tries to go up but cue Julia Hart with the mist. With Garcia blinded, Black goes to leave, only to have Garcia say come finish him. Black obliges and is promptly piledriven onto a chair. Garcia goes up as Black goes for the door, which Mark Briscoe slams onto his head to give Garcia the win at 22:54.

Result: FTR/Daniel Garcia b. House Of Black – Garcia escaped the cage (22:54)

Celebrating ends the show.

Jon Moxley/Claudio Castagnoli b. Shane Taylor Promotions – Rear naked choke to Taylor
Orange Cassidy b. Komander – Orange Punch
Mariah May b. Lady Frost – May Day
Eddie Kingston b. Willie Mack – Spinning backfist
Bryan Danielson b. Yuji Nagata – Running knee
Serena Deeb b. Robyn Renegade – Serenity Lock
FTR/Daniel Garcia b. House Of Black – Garcia escaped the cage

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