Date: February 3, 2024
Location: Bert Ogden Arena, Edinburg, Texas
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness

It’s another Saturday night and this time around we have a guest star as CMLL’s Hechicero is here to face Bryan Danielson. That alone should be more than enough for a main even as we are getting ready for Revolution. I’m not sure what else to expect this week but you can get all kinds of things on this show. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Keith

Non-title Proving Ground match, meaning if Keith wins or survives the twenty minute time limit, he gets a future Continental Crown title shot (for some reason the preview before the show said the title was on the line). Feeling out process to start with Kingston powering him up against the ropes. Keith takes him up against the ropes as well before Kingston fires off some chops. An exchange of headbutts goes to Keith before neither can get a suplex.

Kingston gets fired up off an exchange of chops until Keith manages to knock him down. A kick to the face knocks Kingston to the floor and Keith sends him hard into the barricade. Back in and Keith drops a knee for two but Kingston gets in a knockdown of his own and we take a break.

We come back with Keith knocking him out to the floor and then hitting a big boot to send Kingston back to the floor. A Falcon Arrow gets two back inside but Kingston manages to exploder his way to freedom. Keith hits his own exploder and a tiger bomb gets two more. Kingston backfists him down for two and there are the rapid fire chops in the corner. An enziguri staggers Keith but he gets pulled into the sleeper and then a DDT for two. Back up and another spinning backfist knocks Keith silly for the pin at 15:17.

Result: Eddie Kingston b. Bryan Keith – Spinning backfist (15:17)

Post match Kingston thanks the fans and says go talk to Keith. That lets Tony Schiavone make the announcement: Keith is All Elite. Bryan Danielson interrupts the celebration because it’s time for his match, though Kingston isn’t pleased.

Jon Moxley isn’t happy with the CMLL stars attacking him but the Blackpool Combat Club is waiting on them. He even teases coming to Arena Mexico.

Bryan Danielson vs. Hechicero

They go to the mat with a knuckle lock and ram heads together but neither can get anywhere. It’s back to the mat with both of them working on a leglock and they slap it out as a bonus. Hechicero rolls him up for two but Danielson is right back with a surfboard. That’s fine with Hechicero, who reverses into one of his own and even rolls him around. Danielson goes to the ropes and really isn’t sure what to do here.

Back up and Danielson fires off some kicks in the corner before starting in on the leg. Hechicero comes back with a running headscissors into a leg lariat before flipping Danielson into a choke, sending him straight to the ropes. We take a break and come back with Hechicero striking away in the corner until Danielson flips over him, only to get dropkicked down. Danielson headbutts his way off the top but dives into a…rather twisting arm lock.

Danielson manages to get out but is knocked outside, where Hechicero hits a dive. Back in and Danielson gets in a shot of his own, setting up the LeBell Lock. Hechicero slips out and ties up the legs while cranking on the arm as well. That’s broken up and Hechicero misses a running knee in the corner, allowing Danielson to snap off a dragon screw legwhip. Hechicero pulls him into a reverse Koji Clutch but Danielson reverses into a cradle for the pin at 15:10.

Result: Bryan Danielson b. Hechicero – Cradle (15:10)

Post match Hechicero jumps him but Claudio Castagnoli runs in for the save.

FTR and Daniel Garcia didn’t expect their team to work but they’ll keep it going. The three of them made the trios rankings so tonight, they’re facing the Patriarchy.

Hook vs. Outrunners

Hook throws Magnum around to start and Floyd has to break up an armbar. A slam puts Hook down but a suplex attempt is broken up. Hook pops up again and hits a double clothesline, followed by Redrum for the win at 2:36.

Result: Hook b. Outrunners – Redrum to Magnum (2:36)

Here is Mark Briscoe for a chat. Briscoe puts over Tony Schiavone, who was always on the TV talking to some of the best ever. Last week Briscoe was ready to fight with FTR against the House of Black but they jumped him and took him out of the match. This has been the hardest year of his life but he’s going to keep getting up because we fight until we can’t fight anymore and then we fight some more. The House of Black pops up with Malakai Black promising to eradicate Briscoe from wrestling.

Video on the Cope Open.

Serena Deeb vs. Queen Aminata

Deeb grabs a headlock takeover to start but Aminata starts in on the arm. That earns her a quickly broken surfboard so Deeb pulls her into a half crab instead. Aminata slips out and grabs a suplex for two as we take a break. Back with Deeb hitting a running elbow and a discus lariat drops Aminata again.

A neckbreaker over the ropes and a swinging neckbreaker give Deeb two more. Deebtox is broken up so Deeb spins her around, only to get dropped with a headbutt. The running hip attack connects but the running knee misses, allowing Deeb to grab the Figure Four around the post. The Serenity Lock finishes Aminata at 10:00.

Result: Serena Deeb b. Queen Aminata – Serenity Lock (10:00)

Here is Swerve Strickland, with Prince Nana, for a chat. Swerve says it’s Black History Month and talks about the people who paved the way for him, like Ron Simmons, Kofi Kingston and Athena. Soon he’ll add his name to that list of World Champions but Tony Schiavone asks about what Hangman Page said: Swerve can’t beat him without the Mogul Embassy. Strickland doesn’t buy it because he’s beaten Page twice so now he’s going to do it again and become Black history. He’s winning the World Title at Revolution, but he tells Nana no interferences so there are no excuses.

Toni Storm is mad at Deonna Purrazzo and no, she still didn’t see Mariah May’s match. Now though, she wants a public workout. And cranberry juice.

Red Velvet vs. Vertvixen

Velvet leg lariats her down to start and hits a sitout bulldog. She tries it again but this time Vertvixen reverses into a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Back up and Velvet hits some running knees to the back, setting up the Mix for the pin at 2:19.

Result: Red Velvet b. Vertvixen – Mix (2:19)

FTR/Daniel Garcia vs. Patriarchy

Wayne and Harwood take turns flipping out of wristlocks to start and it’s quickly off to Cage. Harwood grabs some fast rollups for two each and then does it again for a bonus. Wayne comes in and gets shouldered down by Garcia, followed by some quick trips for two each. Back up and Garcia sends Cage outside, meaning we get a standoff to send us to a break.

We come back with Garcia in trouble in the corner and Matt Menard on commentary. Cage grabs a chinlock, only to miss a top rope splash. The tag brings in Wheeler to clean house but Killswitch comes in to cut FTR off. Harwood is back up with a top rope belly to back superplex on Wayne but Killswitch counters a piledriver attempt. Killswitch hits a chokeslam so Wayne can get two as we take another break.

Back again with Harwood hitting a backdrop but Wayne is in with a chinlock. Harwood fights up and breaks out of Cage’s Killswitch (move, not person) before they ram heads. The big tag brings in Garcia to clean house as everything breaks down. Wheeler even hits a nice suicide dive to drop Killswitch, leaving Garcia to hit a brainbuster for two on Wayne. Back up and Wayne drops Garcia but he’s right back with a neckbreaker for two more. Cage plants Harwood on the floor and everything breaks down, with Wayne having to save Cage from a Sharpshooter. Garcia grabs Wayne with a rollup for the pin at 23:03.

Result: FTR/Daniel Garcia b. Patriarchy – Rollup to Wayne (23:03)

Eddie Kingston b. Bryan Keith – Spinning backfist
Bryan Danielson b. Hechicero,
Hook b. Outrunners – Redrum to Magnum
Serena Deeb b. Queen Aminata – Serenity Lock
Red Velvet b. Vertvixen – The Mix
FTR/Daniel Garcia b. Patriarchy – Rollup to Wayne

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