• To The Other Side: Stunning Turn Follows AEW Rampage Main Event

    As the wrestler turns. There are all kinds of wrestlers on the AEW roster and that allows for a lot of different combinations. At the same time, it can lead...

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  • WATCH: WWE Star Turns Heel On SmackDown With Surprise Attack

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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: WWE Considering Babyface Turn For Longtime Star

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  • Missing WWE Star Teases New Character And Heel Turn

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  • Surprising Turn Taking Place On Monday Night Raw

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  • The Cowboy Rides The Other Way? AEW’s Hangman Page May Be In For A Future Heel Turn And Some Seeds Have Been Planted.

    The evil cowboy. While it may not feel this way, AEW is still a brand new wrestling company. They have very little history and there isn’t much that they have...

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  • Turn One, Turn Four. Four WWE Women Are Up For Possible Face Or Heel Turns In The Near Future, Including Some Surprises.

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  • This Could Go Badly. WWE Considering A Questionable Babyface Turn.

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  • Is WWE Planning A Huge Face Turn For Andrade?

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  • WWE Seems To Be Planting Seeds For A Miz Face Turn

    As the A-Lister turns? Most wrestlers are good at moving from the side of good to evil and vice versa and often do several times during their career. However, there...

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