• Naomi Undergoes Six Hour Emergency Surgery

    That could have been worse for Naomi. Despite not seeming like it a lot of the time, wrestlers are humans too and are going to have some issues that need...

    NewsSeptember 24, 2020
  • Charlotte Reveals Why She Is Out Of Action

    NewsJuly 13, 2020
  • Charlotte Undergoing Surgery, Missing Several Weeks

    Ouch. The wrestling business can be a dangerous one and you never know how long someone is going to be able to last in the ring. No matter how talented...

    NewsJune 23, 2020
  • Jinder Mahal Undergoes Another Knee Surgery

    That didn’t last long. Every now and then, a wrestler comes along who gets a push for reasons that may be clear but aren’t popular. These pushes can get old...

    NewsJune 5, 2020
  • Current Champion Undergoes Surgery

    It’s a fair enough reason for Zayn. Wrestling is not in a normal place at the moment and it might not be for a long time to come. There isn’t...

    NewsApril 20, 2020
  • Popular AEW Star Says He May Need Surgery

    That doesn’t sound good. Despite not seeming like them at times, wrestlers are human beings. Some of them are bigger deals than others, but when you get one who has...

    NewsApril 19, 2020
  • It Just Can’t End. Current WWE Personality Announces They Need Surgery.

    NewsAugust 10, 2019
  • The Recovery Can Begin. WWE Star Undergoing Surgery On Tuesday.

    Maybe it won’t be too bad. Injuries are the kind of thing that happens to everyone in wrestling at one point or another. One of the most important details though...

    NewsJuly 15, 2019
  • Out Of Nowhere. Current WWE Superstar Undergoes Surprise Surgery, Already Back?

    Surprise ouch. There are various different kinds of injuries in wrestling. Some are much more gruesome and you can see them as they happen. Others are more of a surprise...

    NewsJuly 5, 2019
  • Photos: NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa Undergoes Neck Surgery

    NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa is out with a neck injury. The injury will reportedly keep him on the shelf until the end of the year- meaning he will likely be...

    NewsMarch 10, 2019