Singh Brothers

  • Video: Top Ten Brutal Singh Brothers Beatdowns

    Those guys bounce very well. While Jinder Mahal might not have been the most popular WWE Champion of all time, there was a part of his act that did seem...

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  • Is There Heat On Brock Lesnar For How He Beat Up The Singh Brothers?

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  • Samir Singh Provides Update on His Condition Post-ACL Surgery

    ‘Smackdown Live‘ Superstar Samir Singh has now posted a recovery update on his condition now that he has had the surgery on his ACL. As we previously reported, Singh had...

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  • What Happened After “Smackdown Live” Went Off The Air?

    ‘Smackdown Live’ may well and truly be live each week, but that doesn’t mean that every segment that happens on the show is live or that the fans get to...

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