• That’s A Lot: Rey Mysterio Sets All Time WWE Record Unlikely To Be Matches Anytime Soon

    The most ever. There are all kinds of records and accomplishments in wrestling, some of which can be very impressive. While the majority of accomplishments in wrestling are pre-determined, there...

    NewsJuly 14, 2024
  • Another One Down: Triple H Announces Another Major WWE Record Set At Money In The Bank

    NewsJuly 8, 2024
  • Double Wow: SmackDown Sets All Time Record, Fans Receive Warning Over Noise Levels

    That’s a special one. WWE has been doing rather well in recent months, with several records being set throughout the company. This has included a variety of biggest crowds and...

    NewsMay 4, 2024
  • Yes Ever: This Week’s Monday Night Raw Sets All Time Record

    That’s a lot. WWE has presented its fair share of television shows over the years and for well over three decades, the most important has been Monday Night Raw. The...

    NewsApril 2, 2024
  • He Did It (Again): Randy Orton Sets All Time Record At WWE Elimination Chamber

    Never before. WWE has been around for a very long time and as a result, the company has quite the history. There have been all kinds of matches and results...

    NewsFebruary 25, 2024
  • No One Before: Gunther Breaks 40+ Year Old All Time Record

    All time. There have been several titles throughout wrestling history and some of them are incredibly prestigious honors for a wrestler to earn. It can mean a lot when a...

    NewsFebruary 19, 2024
  • Yes, Again: Gunther Reaches Another Milestone As Intercontinental Champion, Closing In On All Time Record

    NewsJanuary 31, 2024
  • Yes Again: WWE Sets Another All Time Record (After Already Doing It This Week)

    There was another. WWE has been running wrestling shows for decades now and have several locations that are more or less home bases for the company. As a result, there...

    NewsDecember 28, 2023
  • Never Better: WWE Reportedly Sets All Time Record With MSG Live Event

    Best in the world. WWE has been around for a very long time now and the company has some deep history. This includes some of the best and worst things...

    NewsDecember 27, 2023
  • He Got It: Three Decades Old WWE Record Officially Falls

    He got it. There have been all kinds of title reigns throughout WWE’s history and it can mean a lot when someone wins a championship for the first time. It...

    NewsSeptember 8, 2023