Raquel Rodriguez

  • Out For Now: WWE Wrestler Pulled From Active Roster With Serious Medical Issue

    That’s a serious one. There are all kinds of reasons for a wrestler to miss time from the ring and some of them can be rather horrible. This can often...

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  • WATCH: Missing WWE Superstar Makes Surprise Return, Earns Elimination Chamber Spot

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  • VIDEO: WWE Superstar Announces She Is Out Of Action Due To Unique Health Issue

    That’s a rare one. There are all kinds of reasons for a wrestler to be out of action, some of which are a lot more serious than others. Occasionally you...

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  • All In: Fatal Five Way Title Match Officially Set For WWE Crown Jewel

    That’s a lot. There are certain situations where multiple challenges are coming after the same champion at the same time. It can make for quite the ordeal for the champion...

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  • WATCH: Two Superstars Make Surprise Returns On Monday Night Raw, Get In Huge Brawl

    They’re back. There are all kinds of reasons for someone to miss a wrestling show, and a good many of them are designed to help advance storylines. That can make...

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  • On The Mend: Rhea Ripley And Raquel Rodriguez Dealing With Injuries Following Nia Jax Attack

    Down for now. There are all kinds of ways to start a feud between wrestlers and one of the most common is a surprise attack. Having a wrestler show up...

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  • WATCH: Shocking Return Takes Place During Monday Night Raw Main Event

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  • She’s Not Done: WWE Superstar Threatens Dominik Mysterio Following Payback

    Threat or promise? Women’s wrestling has come a very long way in recent years and it has been quite a treat to see everything develop as well as it has....

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  • WATCH: Monday Night Raw Star Invades NXT, Brawls With Rhea Ripley

    They’re doing it again. In recent months, WWE has been attempting to expand its NXT audience by bringing a variety of main roster stars to the show. This has resulted...

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  • Timing! Here’s Why WWE Is Not Adding More Matches To Summerslam After Building Them

    Every second counts. We are less than three days away from Summerslam and that means the card is mostly set. At the same time though, WWE has a tendency to...

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