• Wrestling Legend Receives Very Special Award

    I think he has earned it. Wrestling is a unique sport compared to its mainstream counterparts, as the accomplishments that wrestlers win are predetermined. In addition, the wrestlers are not...

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  • AEW Dominates This Year’s PWI Tag Team 50 List

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  • WWE Hall Of Famer Wins Prestigious Award

    She’s earned it. The Women’s Revolution has brought WWE an incredibly long way in the last few years, but there were several women who came before this generation to help...

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  • PHOTO: Bayley Changes Up Her Look After Accomplishment

    Look like a champion. The SmackDown women’s division has done rather well this year, fairly easily outpacing its Monday Night Raw counterpart over the last few months. There have been...

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  • Here’s Who Topped PWI’s Inaugural Tag Team 50 List

    They’re #1. Tag team wrestling has been a part of wrestling for several decades now and it is not going away anytime soon. While WWE has not exactly treated it...

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  • WWE Dominates PWI Women’s 100 With Top Five Spots

    That’s quite the honor. The Women’s Revolution has completely taken hold in the WWE and the women’s divisions have gotten that much better as a result. The divisions have come...

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  • PWI Names It’s Wrestler Of The Year And Woman Of The Year

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  • Who Topped 2018’s PWI Female 100?

    Was there really another option? The Women’s Revolution has changed wrestling in a variety of ways, with the main focus being on the women of WWE actually looking important after...

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  • Who Topped This Year’s PWI 500 List?

    The end at the beginning. Every year, Pro Wrestling Illustrated puts out its annual list of Top 500 wrestlers in the world. This year’s list is from June 2017 to...

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  • The PWI ‘Female 50’ Is Out, Who Topped the List?

    Pro Wrestling Illustrated has announced the latest ‘Female 50’ in their magazine, which includes the rankings of several female wrestlers from around the world. The evaluation period for the 10th...

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