• Silver Screen: Chris Jericho Announces New Movie Role

    It’s something different. Wrestlers have tried their hands at acting for years and some have had more success than others. While very few wrestlers truly break out into acting in...

    NewsMay 2, 2023
  • ACTION! Chris Jericho Lands Role In Upcoming Wrestling Film

    NewsDecember 18, 2022
  • WWE’s Liv Morgan Has Landed A Pretty Impressive Acting Role

    It’s a gig. There are various similarities between wrestling and acting, as both involve putting on a performance. While wrestlers are often described as acting, it isn’t quite the same...

    NewsJune 4, 2022
  • New Career: AEW Star Lands Debut Acting Role

    It’s something new for him. Wrestlers have a weird relationship with acting, as while they are acting on a wrestling show, they are always seen as wrestlers instead of actors....

    NewsMay 15, 2022
  • AEW Star Shares Look At His New Horror Movie

    It’s another thing to do. Wrestlers are incredible athletes, but they are capable of doing other things outside of the ring as well. This could be a variety of things,...

    NewsApril 10, 2022
  • AEW’s MJF Announces Upcoming Movie Role

    It could work for him. Wrestlers have a weird reputation when it comes to action, because they are considered people who are always acting but only able to do one...

    NewsMarch 31, 2022
  • Action: Trish Stratus To Star In Upcoming Film

    NewsFebruary 3, 2022
  • Action: Bray Wyatt Appearing In Upcoming Feature Film

    He could be good at it. There are several wrestlers that fans seem to think would work out well in Hollywood. While they are very good in front of a...

    NewsNovember 10, 2021
  • WWE Hall Of Famer Lands New Movie Role

    Maybe it works for him. Wrestlers have a weird relationship when it comes to acting. Some of them take to it naturally, but a lot of the time it feels...

    NewsMay 23, 2021
  • Lana Lands Movie Role With Big Star

    I’d call it an excused absence. Sometimes, wrestlers get involved in storylines that are going to cause a lot of negative impacts on their careers. The story might be a...

    NewsMarch 6, 2020