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  • A Little Bit Of Trivia For You. Who Has The Most Royal Rumble Eliminations?

    Someone has to keep count. The Royal Rumble is a match that is all about the numbers (quite so in some cases). With over thirty years worth of action, there...

    NewsJanuary 27, 2019
  • Video: Superstars WWE Wants Back In 2019

    NewsJanuary 12, 2019
  • Which 5 Superstars Will Win Titles In 2019?

    There’s a first (or more) time for everyone. It’s a new year and that means it’s time to take a look at some of the things that we haven’t seen...

    NewsJanuary 5, 2019
  • A Good List To Be On. WWE Looks At Superstars With The Most Wins In 2018.

    How high can you count? Contrary to what some people seem to think, wins and losses still matter in wrestling. Without wins and losses, it’s a bunch of people running...

    NewsDecember 28, 2018
  • Video: Ten WWE Records Set In 2018

    They’re made to be broken. Wrestling records date back a very long time. It could be the length of a title reign, the most wins at an event, or the...

    NewsDecember 22, 2018
  • Video: 5 TLC Moments That Left Us Speechless

    There’s more to life than weapons. This weekend, WWE will present its annual TLC event, featuring a variety of tables, ladders and chairs in various forms of violence. There has...

    NewsDecember 15, 2018
  • Video: 5 Superstars Who Have Unmasked Rey Mysterio

    NewsDecember 7, 2018
  • Video: 5 Superstars Who Won Their First Title In 2018

    Most people have a first time. While the year isn’t over yet, there has already been enough stuff taking place in 2018 to start looking back at some things. This...

    NewsNovember 30, 2018
  • Video: 5 Superstars With The Most Championships

    He who has the gold has a spot on the list. There are a lot of things that matter in wrestling but championships are always near the top. Almost all...

    NewsNovember 23, 2018
  • Video: 5 Women Who Won Men’s Titles

    Fun for everyone. Back in 1999, Chyna became the first woman to win the Intercontinental Title. While it was possible that this would be the first of many women to...

    NewsOctober 19, 2018