• WWE RUMOR: Update On WWE’s Holiday Plans For SmackDown

    They need the breather. We are in the holiday season and that means things are going to get more interesting in a hurry. Some of the special circumstances that you...

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  • That’s Just Cool. NXT’s Bronson Reed Tells An Awesome Story About How Far He Has Come This Year

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  • They’ve Done It Again. Check Out This Awesome Twas The Night Before Raw Preview.

    Well now that it’s Sunday. WWE’s production staff really is one of the best of all time. They know how to put things together that almost no other wrestling company...

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  • Is This All I Got? What Do WWE Stars Want For Christmas?

    It’s the holiday season for wrestlers too. Christmas Day is less than two weeks away and while that might not be the best time in the world for the wrestling...

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  • Did WWE Provide Employees That Worked Christmas ‘Raw’ With Any Gifts?

    This past week, superstars on the ‘Raw‘ brand worked on Christmas Day for the show, meaning they had to be away from their family and friends. According to PWInsider, the...

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  • Video: WWE’s Christmas Chaos Top Ten

    Christmas is fun for everyone. Earlier tonight, WWE aired an episode of “Monday Night Raw” on Christmas night for the first time ever. That being said, it’s far from the...

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  • Merry Christmas From the Wrestling Rumors Team

    December 25, 2017
  • Watch: Braun Strowman Is an ‘Elf Among Men’ in Latest WWE Christmas Parody

    WWE uploaded to their official YouTube channel the latest Christmas short featuring Braun Strowman as the ‘Elf among men’ in what is an absolutely hilarious video. The video, featuring Strowman...

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  • Official Wrestling Rumors Christmas Wrestling Wish-List 2017

    Hello and welcome to the 2017 official Wrestling Rumors Christmas wish-list. If you’ve navigated your way to this page, you clearly have an interest in the world of professional wrestling....

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  • Watch: WWE Wish Happy Holidays to the WWE Universe in Animated Video

    WWE uploaded to their official YouTube channel an animation for the holiday season, wishing the WWE Universe happy holidays. Styled like South Park, the animation includes superstars from ‘Raw,’ ‘Smackdown...

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