As first reported by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, ex-porn star Mia Khalifa appeared at a Sabotage Wrestling event over the weekend and had an altercation with Joey Ryan.

To give some background on Khalifa appearing, she has been open in the past few months in saying that she said she had no respect for WWE and the wrestling industry.

This ultimately caused an independent promotion to offer Khalifa the opportunity to visit their show- to which she would accept.

Last night during a Sabotage Wrestling show, Khalifa was invited to the ring by one half of The World’s Cutest Tag Team and YouPorn sponsored athlete Joey Ryan.

Ryan asked Khalifa if she believes what she said or if she is just a keyboard warrior. Khalifa indicated she did, subsequently resulting in Ryan asking her to touch his penis- as per his gimmick.

When she refused, an altercation ensued between Ryan and Khalifa’s bodyguard which would result in Khalifa getting a lollipop shoved in her mouth from Ryan’s pants as Ryan attempted to send it into the bodyguard’s mouth.

As the bodyguard continued to attack, the YouPorn sponsored athlete managed to push the man’s hand down towards his groin, grabbing Ryan’s penis. Khalifa grabbed onto the bodyguard in shock as Ryan sent the bodyguard flying with a YouPorn Plex.

Ryan’s hilarious “I Will Always Love You” theme by Whitney Houston hit as he left to leave Khalifa and the bodyguard in the ring- still in shock.

To see the entire altercation, check out the video we have provided below.

Mia Khalifa Wrestles Joey Ryan

This was clearly a joke- so the question still remains… Does Khalifa now have respect for the wrestling industry?

What do you think? What would you suggest she should watch to educate herself?

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