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FINALLY… Vince McMahon has revealed that the Xtreme Football League (XFL) he previously ran from 1999-2001 is returning in a completely re-imagined fashion.

During the scheduled press conference, McMahon revealed that the company would be returning under Alpha Entertainment, LLC. This is the company he founded with the shares he sold from WWE.

Beginning in late January to early February in 2020, the XFL is set to be a re-imagined game of football. He expects the game to be more fast paced and enjoyable in every regard, asking for fans of XFL to let their voices be heard as they make suggestions for how the game should play.

McMahon believes there is an opportunity to enter the market and reimagine what many consider to be America’s favorite sport by putting the fans at the center while managing the media landscape and evolving the company with regard to the consumers viewing behavior.

Credit to Alpha Entertainment LLC

McMahon noted that there will be eight teams representing different cities across the United States of America. Each team will feature approximately 40 players and every team will be owned by the league.

Games are planned to take place on Sundays on a 10-game regular season, with a post-season consisting of two semi-final games and a Championship game to conclude everything. The current goal is for each game to be 2 hours in length.

No team nicknames or logos have been determined. During the conference, the XFL owner was asked whether nicknames will be printed on jerseys but that is also unknown at this time. McMahon is glad people remember nicknames like “He Hate Me.”

XFL will test for player health and wellness policy, which includes drug testing. McMahon noted that a criminal background may mean a player can’t participate in the league.

While the salary structure for players is to be determined, it appears they will be paid to play and given additional money for winning games.

Players will be expected to stand for the flag as McMahon believes it is the historical, patriotic thing to do.

All in all- McMahon believes it is the quality of the human as well as the quality of the player that matters.

McMahon was asked several times during the conference why now was the time he decided to bring XFL back. He explained that he has been considering it for a long time. The recent controversy on the flag or the 30 for 30 documentary on the XFL didn’t influence McMahon’s decision to bring it back. There is demand for XFL, he continued to explain.

McMahon also notes that there will be no politics within the game, nailing down the point that “we’re here to play football.” President Donald Trump will have no relation to the game. Sniggering, McMahon confirmed he hadn’t consulted Linda over his decision to bring the game back, either.

McMahon himself won’t even be at the forefront of the company, as he explained at several points during the press conference that he will be taking a backseat while he allows the professionals to do their job. In addition, despite this position the owner of both WWE and Alpha Entertainment, LLC confirmed his work with the latter won’t affect his position or commitment to the former.

While there has been no player talks so far, there is definitely interest from several notable names. We are sure these names will become more obvious in due time.

McMahon explained that in the age we live in now where the company has the opportunity to air on cable television or stream games via a content network whereas they didn’t have that opportunity back in 2001.

While many would be quick to point out XFL’s potential to go on the WWE Network, McMahon confirmed the two companies will NOT have any relation to one another. There will be no crossover between the two. No commentators in WWE will work on XFL, no superstars will appear within the company. It will be completely different.

McMahon explains the company has done a lot of research into XFL before announcing it and they will continue to do more as they hope to create an extraordinary product that is both enjoyable to watch and safe for the players putting their bodies on the line.

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Credit to Alpha Entertainment LLC

You can hear an interesting rap shared at the beginning and end of the conference on what style the XFL will take by watching the video below.

The vision for XFL in 2020

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