Raw‘ Superstar Sasha Banks spoke with The Independent about the NXT women’s division, who has helped her in her career and training for the upcoming pay-per-view match.

Banks first talked about several people that have helped her throughout her career in WWE, from being signed to where she is now.

“It’s so hard to credit just one person for that because there are so many people who have come and supported us. For me, I’d say a really big one has to be William Regal. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t even have been signed to WWE originally. He and the likes of Joey Mercury and Norman Smiley have trained me and really believed in me. They have really pushed me to become what I am today, and Dusty Rhodes never gave up on the women and always supported everything that we did. Triple H, with NXT, gave us that opportunity to shine and has given the same opportunities there as to the girls on the main roster.”

Banks, a former NXT alumni herself, commented on the state of the current NXT women’s division and which competitors are her favorite to watch.

“To be honest it has been such a long time since I actually got to sit down and watch an episode of NXT but, of course, I love to see the TakeOver events. The ones that really stand out for me are Lacey Evans, she has really impressed me. Of course, the Iconic Duo [Peyton Royce and Billie Kay], I just can’t speak highly enough of them – they are amazing. Ember Moon has been killing it as well, so they really have a ton of really great talent down there and I look forward to having more of them called up to the main roster. The potential for them to be involved in the Royal Rumble is just huge and hopefully they are really excited about that.”

Finally, Banks gave an idea of what her training schedule is like in preparation for the upcoming women’s Royal Rumble match.

“It’s so incredibly exciting and I have been pumping up my cardio game like crazy! I could be the first entry and potentially be in there for the whole 60 minutes so it makes you very nervous and excited at the same time.”

Banks also recently explained why she believes in her heart that she is the greatest women’s wrestler in the world.

Below we have included a hilarious video from the first episode of the ‘Mixed Match Challenge’ featuring Banks, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura and Natalya as WWE show the funniest moments of the match with their live mic.

Warning, the mics were live during WWE Mixed Match Challenge premiere match!

Who is your prediction for the women’s Royal Rumble? Which NXT women are you most excited to see compete in the Rumble?

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