British promo0tion 5 Star Wrestling has officially called it quits, folding and issuing a statement on the closure to their followers via Twitter.

5 Star Wrestling, owned by Dan Hinkles has now confirmed that the promotion will be closing down, with the company refusing to honor the dates in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, and Aberdeen.

Fans are gutted and furious on social media at the company- as Hinkes has reportedly put others out of work due to this decision and as some users point out, he made the British scene look like a joke.

Hinkles took to the 5 Star Wrestling Twitter account to share the following tweets:

While Wrestling Rumors will bring you updates to this story, we don’t believe the statement will be anything major- beyond that, it was likely for financial reasons.

The promotion may sound familiar to you for several reasons. The first of which was that the promotion was based on a video-game series of the same name.

The second reason might be the 128-man tournament the company promised. Originally it was scheduled to air last summer but was rescheduled for February 2018 and never happened. Coupled with low attendance in the larger-sized buildings, the tournament was seemingly put on hold.

The last reason might be when Hinkles offered $1 million to CM Punk to compete at the promotion. In fact, on the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast, he had the following to say on bringing Punk to the company:

“When I say that I’m willing to give CM Punk a million dollars to come join, that’s not a stunt. That’s a business decision. I’m saying if the guy came to the table and just talked about it, we might even be able to work something better than that, because I’m not saying that it has to be just a million. It could be a million with some big upsides down the [line]. Let’s get to the negotiation table, and we’ll see.

“I would love to talk to Dana White about this. None of that means anything if CM Punk himself doesn’t want to do it. But when I’m putting this money out on the table, what I’m getting at is, I don’t know many wrestling companies in the world who could offer a guy a million dollars. In fact, I know [just] one. I’m not sure if [Impact Wrestling] has any guys with that kind of money, I’m not sure if New Japan does. They might be in a position to, but I don’t think that they do.

“But I don’t know their business inside-out like I know my business. But I do know that the vast majority of [promotions] couldn’t do it. What I’m saying is, maybe CM Punk does want to return to wrestling, but maybe he doesn’t want to go back to WWE because they’ve got some kind of problem. There’s only one man that knows, and I’m one of those guys that when he’s got something that he is trying to do, he goes out and does it.”

With H/T to Chris Featherstone of WrestlingInc for the transcription.

Check out Rob Van Dam take on John Morrison on the show, below.

5 Star Wrestling: 01/02/2018 Rob Van Dam VS John Morrison: Main Event:

As mentioned above, stay tuned to Wrestling Rumors for any potential updates on the situation with 5 Star Wrestling.

What are your thoughts on the promotion closing? Did you expect them to live up to the goals they set?

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