The WWE did a good job of hyping the match between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg at Survivor Series, getting people hyped for a match that lasted a mere 86 seconds. That didn’t seem to quell people’s interest in Goldberg’s return to WWE, though, because fans seemed excited when he announced he’d be in the Royal Rumble. The WWE is building that Goldberg hype some more with an article on their website about five dream opponents for Goldberg. The thing is, it’s not exactly a great collection of “dream” opponents.

The problem, in part, is that Goldberg is a 50-year-old part-timer. One of the names on the list is Braun Strowman. On the one hand, Strowman is a big, imposing figure, which is why he’s probably on this list.

On the other hand, if they actually had this match, Goldberg would probably be booked to win. He’s not going to put over Strowman. That would be bad for Strowman’s heat, and it does nothing for Goldberg. So the winner of this match would be obvious and it would serve no purpose. Also, it probably wouldn’t be a very good match.


That being said, the most interesting matchup on the list would definitely not be a good match. That’s Goldberg versus The Undertaker. The Undertaker hasn’t wrestled in forever and can barely get around anymore. These are two aged part-timers who would probably have a mediocre, at best, match. However, it would also be Goldberg against The Undertaker. It would be a spectacle, and that’s what Goldberg (and The Undertaker) should be at this point. You make a big deal of it, the entrances last five minutes, the match lasts, like, two minutes, and the crowd is stoked to see two legends in the ring.

Who is your dream opponent for Goldberg? Let us know in the comments, and check out the Wrestling Rumors Facebook page.


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