Ring Of Honor
Date: June 20, 2024
Location: Mid-America Center, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

It’s time for a double title show this week as the Tag Team and TV Titles are on the line, with the latter in a 2/3 falls match. Other than that, we might want to start getting ready for the Death Before Dishonor card as the show is just over a month away. Then again it isn’t like the show is going to be announced until a week or two out so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We run down the card.

Aaron Solo vs. Titan

They shake hands to start before Titan dropkicks him out to the floor. The threat of a dive brings Solo back in though and he strikes away. Titan is back up with a high crossbody to send Solo outside again, this time with a dive connecting. Back in and Solo slowly hammers away but Titan fights up for the chop off. A jumping kick to the head drops Solo but a top rope double stomp misses. Solo hits his own double stomp for two and nails a superkick, only to have Titan kick him in the face out of the corner. Now Titan’s top rope double stomp can finish at 6:20.

Result: Titan b. Aaron Solo – Top rope double stomp (6:20)

Anthony Henry/Griff Garrison/Cole Karter vs. Infantry/Sepentico

Maria and Trish Adora are here too. Henry gets caught in the wrong corner to start and the Infantry starts with the rapid fire double teaming. Karter comes in and takes Serpentico down with a clothesline, setting up and earl chinlock with Henry. A neck twist keep Serpentico down and Henry grabs another chinlock.

Serpentico fights up and grabs a hurricanrana out of the corner, allowing the tag off to Bravo. Everything breaks down and Garrison drops Dean, leaving Serpentico to hit a dive. Serpentico’s Swan Dive gets two and everyone is down. Back up and Serpentico knocks Henry down again, only to get chaired in the back by Garrison. A quick faceplant gives Henry the pin on Serpentico at 9:59.

Result: Anthony Henry/Griff Garrison/Cole Karter b. Infantry/Serpentico – Faceplant to Serpentico (9:59)

Video on Kyle Fletcher vs. Lee Johnson tonight in a 2/3 falls match for the TV Title.

Here are Athena and Billie Starkz for an emergency meeting….and Athena is on crutches and in a walking boot. She’s looking at being out for 4-6 months due to some torn ligaments and she has decided that it is best or her to keep the title. Cue Queen Aminata and Red Velvet, with Aminata saying she’ll hurt Athena if the injury isn’t real in the first place. Maybe Athena is faking just like Starkz did to win her title. Starkz gets shoved down and lands on Athena, which is enough to clear everyone off.

Jacoby Watts vs. Brandon Cutler

Nick Comoroto is here with Watts, who does his usual speech, with Cutler cutting him off. Cutler isn’t sure where we are but knows the fans are stupid. Watts jumps him before the bell and the slugout is on, with Cutler grabbing a cutter. Cutler is back with a suplex but Watts grabs a swinging Downward Spiral. A Stunner finishes for Watts at 2:17.

Result: Jacoby Watts b. Brandon Cutler – Stunner (2:17)

Marina Shafir vs. Maggie Minerva

Shafir takes her down with a judo throw and cranks on the neck before choking in the corner. Minerva gets in a kick to the face but walks into a powerbomb. Mother’s Milk finishes Minerva at 2:06.

Result; Mainra Shair b. Maggie Minerva – Mother’s Milk (2:06)

The Kingdom is tired of not being respected enough and is ready to beat 2.0.

Iron Savages/Jacked Jameson vs. Eric Eznite/Isaiah Harris/Jay Marston

Jameson starts with Eznite, who wants to pray to start the match. Jameson agrees and then decks him from behind. It’s off to Bronson, who sends him flying into the corner so Harris can come in. Harris slips off Boulder’s shoulders and hands it off to Marston, allowing Boulder to send multiple people flying. Marston is sent into Boulder’s chest and Bronson’s top rope splash finishes at 4:30.

Result: Iron Savages/Jacked Jameson b. Eric Eznite/Isaiah Harris/Jay Marson – Top rope splash to Marston (4:30)

Lance Archer vs. Deonn Rusman

Archer starts fast and knocks him to the floor, setting up a Black Hole Slam….for two. Rusman charges into a boot in the corner but manages a spear. Back up and Archer grabs a chokeslam, followed by the Blackout for the pin at 3:13.

Result: Lance Archer b. Deonn Rusman – Blackout (3:13)

Atlantis Jr. wants a TV Title shot in Arena Mexico.

Diamante vs. Leyla Hirsch

Hirsch runs her over with a shoulder to start and then does it again, followed by a suplex. A running basement dropkick connects before Hirsch gets to hammer away in the corner. Diamanate’s gutbuster gets her out of trouble and she grabs an abdominal stretch. That’s broken up and Hirsch hits a knee to the ribs into a German suplex. The ribs give out though and Diamante hits a spear for two of her own. Hirsch is back up with a small package for the pin at 6:24.

Result: Leyla Hirsch b. Diamante – Small package (6:24)

Post match Diamante drops her again.

Tag Team Titles: Kingdom vs. Angelo Parker/Matt Menard

The Kingdom is defending. Bennett headlocks Parker down to start and it’s quickly off to Menard, with his taped up ribs. Menard takes over on Taven’s arm and pulls him down, with Parker dropping a top rope elbow to the back. Parker gets sent outside so Menard goes after the champs outside. Back in and Taven kicks Menard in the face and grabs a suplex for two on Parker.

Just The Tip gets the same and Parker fights up, including a dropkick to put Bennett down. A neckbreaker cuts off the tag attempt but the Hail Mary is broken up. The hot tag brings in Menard to clean house, including a Boston crab to Bennett. Taven’s slaps can’t break it up so Bennett goes to the ropes instead. Double Snake Eyes into a double DDT get two on Bennett so Menard grabs the belt. The referee tries to take it away, allowing Bennett to roll him up and retain at 10:05.

Result: Kingdom b. Angelo Parker/Matt Menard – Rollup to Menard (10:05)

TV Title: Lee Johnson vs. Kyle Fletcher

Fletcher is defending and it’s 2/3 falls, with Johnson diving over the top onto the floor to take him down. A Blue Thunder Bomb gives Johnson two and Fletcher bails outside, with a big dive taking him out again. Back in and Fletcher manages a Stunner over the top rope to send Johnson to the floor for a breather. Johnson is sent into the barricade and the slow beating continues back inside.

A neckbreaker gives Johnson a quick two but Fletcher is right back with a hammerlock suplex. Johnson is back with a Death Valley Driver into a standing moonsault for two of his own. Fletcher knocks him hard to the floor but Johnson escapes a powerbomb and his a moonsault from the apron. They fight to the apron, with Fletcher hitting a brainbuster into a powerbomb back inside for two more. Back in and they fight over the Big Shot Drop until Fletcher hits another brainbuster for two another two, followed by a brainbuster for the first fall at 11:47.

Johnson says bring it so Fletcher kicks him in the chest. We pause for the doctor to check on Johnson but he’s good to go. The super brainbuster is broken up and Johnson grabs a rollup to even things up at 15:29 total. Back up and they slug it out, with Johnson getting two off a sunset flip. Johnson sends him to the floor for a sunset bomb for a nineteen count, with Fletcher diving back inside. Three straight frog splashes give Johnson two but the referee wants to check on Fletcher. The distraction lets Fletcher get in a low blow and another brainbuster to retain at 20:38 total.

Result: Kyle Fletcher b. Lee Johnson 2-1 (20:38)


Titan b. Aaron Solo – Top rope double stomps
Anthony Henry/Griff Garrison/Cole Karter b. Infantry/Serpentico – Spinning faceplant to Serpentico
Jacoby Watts b. Brandon Cutler – Stunner
Marina Shafir b. Maggie Minerva – Mother’s Milk
Iron Savages/Jacked Jameson b. Eric Eznite/Isaiah Harris/Jay Marston – Top rope splash to Marston
Lance Archer b. Deonn Rusman – Blackout
Leyla Hirsch b. Diamante – Small package
Kingdom b. Matt Menard/Angelo Parker – Rollup to Menard
Kyle Fletcher b. Lee Johnson 2-1

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