Date: June 18, 2024
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T.

It’s time for another night all about the guest as we have a battle royal to crown the next #1 contender to Trick Williams and the NXT Title. The catch is that there will be wrestlers from other locker rooms, which likely means people from either the main roster or elsewhere. That opens up some possibilities so let’s get to it.

Battle Royal

Shawn Spears, Je’Von Evans, Tank Ledger, Angel, Berto, Joe Coffey, Tyler Bate, Frankie Kazarian, Ridge Holland, Dragon Lee, Lexis King, Tony D’Angelo, Damon Kemp, Myles Borne, Apollo Crews, Eddy Thorpe, Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, Charlie Dempsey, Tavion Heights, Joe Hendry, Ethan Page, Nathan Frazer, Oro Mensah, Dante Chen

For the next shot at Trick Williams and the NXT Title. We have two TNA entrants, with Frankie Kazarian and Joe Hendry, who gets a heck of a reaction. He gives his usual speech about being 252 pounds of pure motivation and the fans seem pleased.

The bell rings and we get a Page vs. Hendry showdown but Mensah (I think he’s in at least) tackles Page and they fall through the ropes for a brawl to the back. Everyone else brawls and Hendry is out in about twenty seconds. The fans are not happy and Enofe is tossed soon after him. Thorpe misses a big boot and gets tossed out by Spears. Kemp gets rid of Blade but eliminates Dempsey at the same time, seemingly by mistake. Kazarian takes advantage of the arguing and tosses Kemp and Borne at the same time.

Crews is out and we take a break. Back with Heights and Chen fighting on the apron until Holland gets rid of both of them. King saves Berto and Angel before tossing the former on his own. Angel throws out King but gets tossed as well, leaving Bate to hit a heck of an airplane spin to Ledger. That’s enough to get rid of Ledger, followed by Frazer kicking D’Angelo out. Frazer and Lee fight on the apron with Lee kneeing him out. Bate and Lee knock Holland out as we’re down to Evans, Kazarian, Bate, Spears and Lee (Page went through the ropes but hasn’t been seen since and I’m still not sure if Mensah was ever in).

Spears knocks Bate out and tries to toss Kazarian, who manages to get back in. Evans throws Kazarian out instead and we’re down to Evans vs. Lee, with Spears on the floor but not out. They trade snap German suplexes but Spears breaks up a springboard to get rid of Lee. Evans slips out of a C4 attempt and clotheslines Spears to the apron but Spears is back in. A kick to the face lets Evans get rid of Spears for the win at 16:32.

Result: Je’Von Evans won a battle royal last eliminating Shawn Spears (16:32)

Fallon Henley doesn’t think much of Carlee Bright, who calls her out for losing at Battleground. Henley yells at most of the locker room.

Roxanne Perez accuses Lola Vice of coming for her title but Vice says she isn’t…yet. They’re in a tag match tonight.

Chase U consoles Ridge Holland over his loss and give him his official shirt. The OC come in to mock Holland and a tag match is made, with Thea Hail having to be held back.

Meta Four vs. Jacy Jayne/Jazmyn Nyx vs. Lola Vice/Roxanne Perez

Perez, Jackson and Jayne start things off and they trade rollups for two each. Legend comes in and picks up Perez and Jayne for some stereo throttling. Nyx comes in to kick Legend and everything breaks down, with Perez diving onto Jackson as we take a break. Back with Perez cleaning house with a DDT/Russian legsweep combination. Vice comes in and kicks away at Jackson, setting up the running hip attacks. Legend isn’t having that and suplexes Vice and Jayne at the same time. Back up and Vice backfists Jackson, only to have Perez tag herself in and grab Pop Rox for the pin at 9:58.

Result: Roxanne Perez/Lola Vice b. eta Four and Jacy Jayne/Jazmyn Nyx – Pop Rox to Jackson (9:58)

Post match Perez drops Vice.

Ava congratulates Je’Von Evans on his win but Ethan Page comes in to complain about never being eliminated. A match is made for later tonight.

Sol Ruca gives Kelani Jordan a pep talk.

Women’s North American Title: Kelani Jordan vs. Michin

Michin is challenging and they show respect to start. Jordan grabs a rollup to start as the OC comes out to watch. Michin misses a charge and falls out to the floor, allowing Jordan to hit a dive as we take a break. Back with Michin Pouncing Jordan down for two and grabbing the bearhug. Jordan gets in a crossbody and they’re both down for a breather.

Michin’s German suplex gets two but Jordan gets in another shot. Michin catches her on top but gets caught with a poisonrana for two. The split legged moonsault misses and Michin hits Sittin Pretty for two…as OTM comes out for a distraction. Cue Jaida Parker to shove Michin off the top and Jordan hits the split legged moonsault for the pin at 9:58.

Result: Kelani Jordan b. Michin – Split legged moonsault (9:58)

Ethan Page says he’s still in the battle royal and he wants the NXT Title, but he’s also going to take out Oro Mensah.

Video on Izzi Dame, who is a former professional volleyball player and better than you.

Axiom isn’t happy with Nathan Frazer being in the battle royal because he thinks Frazer wants gold for himself. Luca Crusifino comes in with a contract for a Heritage Cup shot….and Frazer snatches it from him and instantly signs. Luca: “That’s not a bad signature.” Axiom: “Unbelievable.”

We look at Tatum Paxley showing up at TNA Against All Odds and losing to Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace.

Here is Oba Femi to brag about retaining the North American Title. He beat up Joe Coffey and Wes Lee at Battleground because there is no one like him. Cue Lee to interrupt, saying Femi never pinned him. Lee wants his title back (as the fans are distracted by what might be a fight in the stands) and tells a leaving Femi to not turn his back on him. Femi gives him the title shot, but it’s his first and last chance.

Hank Walker tells Tank Ledger that he is back from his shoulder injury. Next up: the New Catch Republic.

Tavion Heights is in the back with the No Quarter Catch Crew, with Charlie Dempsey offering him a spot. If Heights wins next week, he’s on the team.

Gallus is mad about Wes Lee getting another title shot when Tyriek Igwe and Tyson DuPont jump them.

Fallon Henley vs. Carlee Bright

Kendal Grey is here with Bright. Henley grabs a headlock to start as commentary argues about Curt Hennig. Bright fights up and snaps off a headscissors but Henley powers her into the corner. Henley puts on an armbar but Bright is back up with a sleeper. That’s broken up as Wendy Choo comes to ringside and chokes Grey out. Bright hits a dropkick but gets faceplanted down, setting up the Shining Wizard to give Henley the pin at 4:18.

Result: Fallon Henley b. Carlee Bright – Shining Wizard (4:18)

Eddy Thorpe had a good run in the battle royal but wants to keep going. Maybe for a title.

Trick Williams congratulates Je’Von Evans and tells him to end Ethan Page tonight.

Chase U vs. OC

Thea Hail, Ridge Holland and Michin are here too. Chase hiptosses Anderson down to start and there’s a hiptoss to do it again. Hudson comes in to stay on the arm and an elbow drop gives Chase two. It’s off to Gallows for a boot to the face and some rather hard slams. We hit the chinlock but Chase fights up and rolls over for the tag off to Hudson. House is quickly cleaned, including a super hurricanrana to Anderson. Everything breaks down and Hudson rolls Anderson up, with an assist from Holland, for the pin at 5:06.

Result: Chase U b. OC – Assisted rollup to Anderson (5:06)

Kelani Jordan is interrupted by Arianna Grace, who accepts an offer for a North American Title shot. There wasn’t an actual offer, as Jordan was thinking Sol Ruca. Ava makes Grace vs. Ruca for next week.

Andre Chase accuses Duke Hudson of cheating but he and Ridge Holland don’t know anything.

Fallon Henley, Jazmyn Nyx and Jacy Jayne aren’t happy with how things are going around here.

Here’s what’s coming on next week’s show.

Je’Von Evans vs. Ethan Page

Trick Williams is on commentary. Evans, with his ribs taped up, slugs away in the corner but Page goes after the ribs in a logical move. Some shoulders to the ribs and a reverse fisherman’s suplex give Page two before he stays on the ribs. Evans is dropped ribs first onto the top rope but manages a superkick to the floor as we take a break.

Back with Page cranking on the ribs again and grabbing a powerslam for two. The half grab goes on, with Evans bailing over to the rope. Evans fights up and bounces off the ropes for a kick to the face, setting up a clothesline for two. Page sidesteps the springboard cutter but gets caught with a spinning DDT. Back up and Page drops him hard onto the corner, setting up the Ego’s Edge for the pin at 10:28.

Result: Ethan Page b. Je’Von Evans – Ego’s Edge (10:28)

Page comes out to stare at Williams as Shawn Spears runs in to beat on Evans. Williams comes in but gets beaten down as well, with Evans making the save to leave everyone down to end the show.

Je’Von Evans won a battle royal last eliminating Shawn Spears
Lola Vice/Roxanne Perez b. Meta Four and Jacy Jayne/Jazmyn Nyx – Pop Rox to Jackson
Kelani Jordan b. Michin – Split legged moonsault
Fallon Henley b. Carlee Bright – Shining Wizard
Chase U b. OC – Assisted rollup to Anderson
Ethan Page b. Je’Von Evans – Ego’s Edge

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