Date: May 17, 2024
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Blake Howard

We’re back in Orlando and things have actually been getting a bit more interesting around here. There have been a few bigger names around here in recent weeks and that has helped quite a bit. However, this is a bit different than most weeks as it is part of a double taping, meaning a shorter show. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Tavion Heights vs. Jasper Troy

Troy is 6’8 and 340lbs so we have a new big man. Heights gets caught in an early front facelock before going to an armbar to slow Troy down. Back up and Troy just runs him over with a shoulder but charges into a shot to the face. A big side slam plants Heights again and we hit the chinlock. Heights fights up and hits an overhead belly to belly but Troy powerslams him right back down. Not that it matters as Heights is back up with the spinning belly to belly for the pin at 5:16.

Result: Tavion Heights b. Jasper Troy – Spinning belly to belly suplex (5:16)

Brinley Reece and the debuting Layla Diggs are rather positive.

Brinley Reece/Layla Diggs vs. Carlee Bright/Kendal Grey

This is Diggs’, a former track star, in-ring debut. Grey and Diggs start things off with Diggs taking her down into a headscissors. Grey gets her over to the corner for the tag to Bright, who spins around a lot. Diggs drops down into the splits and pulls her into a front facelock, allowing the tag off to Reece. Bright tries to crawl to the corner so Reece grabs her by the legs and swings her into the corner for a basic yet clever counter. Everything breaks down and Reece hits a cartwheel DDT to pin Grey at 4:01.

Result: Brinley Reece/Layla Diggs b. Carlee Bright/Kendal Grey – Cartwheel DDT to Grey (4:01)

Everyone poses together to end the show.

Tavion Heights b. Jasper Troy – Spinning belly to belly suplex
Brinley Reece/Layla Diggs b. Carlee Bright/Kendal Grey – Cartwheel DDT to Grey

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