Impact Wrestling
Date: June 20, 2024
Location: Cicero Stadium, Chicago, Illinois
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt, Tom Hannifan

We’re done with Against All Odds and on the way to Slammiversary, which very well may see the returning Jeff Hardy in the World Title picture. Jeff came back at the end of Against All Odds to save his brother Matt from the System. In addition, Joe Hendry showed up on NXT and looked like the biggest star ever so he is likely going to be treated like a huge deal as he continues his feud with Frankie Kazarian. Let’s get to it.

We open with a long recap of the bigger Against All Odds matches.

Here is the System, now with Dirty Dango, to get things going, with the fans really not thinking much of Alisha Edwards. Eddie Edwards brags about the team retaining all of their titles and Brian Myers calls the team the greatest faction in wrestling history. Myers introduces Johnny “Dango” Curtis, who talks about how he has spent three months being overlooked and under appreciated.

It makes you wonder if you can still do this thing that you love and yes he absolutely can. He is one one of the best in the ring and on the microphone and everyone knows it. Dango talks about how he has known these people for years and he will stand by them forever. He knows that Moose doesn’t trust him, but Dango believes in the System. Moose says the team appreciates what Dango has done, but he’s not part of the team yet. The System, and Moose, are unbeatable and the outcome keeps being the same.

Cue Santino Marella to say Moose’s title reign is impressive, though his attitude is terrible. Santino has an idea though: the Road To Slammiversary, which will be five matches, with the winners challenging Moose in a six way elimination match for the World Title. It starts tonight, so pay attention.

The ABC brags about their win over Eric Young and Josh Alexander so it’s time for one more big win before they get their Tag Team Titles back.

Frankie Kazarian left NXT and blamed Joe Hendry for him not winning the #1 contenders battle royal and going on to win the NXT Title.

Spitfire vs. The Hex

Belle pounds Threat back into the corner to start but gets suplexed out of the corner for her efforts. Luna comes in for a front facelock and a double suplex gets two on Kay. Belle gets in a distraction from the apron though and Kay hits a boot to the face for two of her own. Running knees in the corner get two on Threat but she kicks her way to freedom. It’s back to Luna to pick the pace up again and Threat adds a top rope Molly Go Round to take the Hex down. The assisted Alabama Slam finishes Belle at 5:59.

Result: Spitfire b. The Hex – Assisted Alabama Slam to Belle (5:59)

After Against All Odds, Matt Hardy rants about the System causing him to hurt Reby Hardy by mistake. Vengeance is sworn, with Matt promising that the Hardy Family will wreck havoc. Of note, there was very little (if any) of the Broken stuff here.

Alan Angels welcomes Kushida to the Sound Check and we start with a recap of Jonathan Gresham being all weird. Then Kushida stole the ink from Gresham’s mouth, meaning it’s chemistry time in Tokyo. Angels asks what is up with that, with Kushida saying he is looking for a cure. Angels doesn’t buy it and gets a match with Kushida next week instead.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Ace Steel

Chicago Street Fight so Steel throws in a trashcan and starts hammering away at the bell. A running clothesline puts Kazarian on the floor and Steele throws the trashcan at his head. Back in and Steel suplexes him onto the trashcan for two but Kazarian gets in a whip over the barricade for a crash out to the floor. The beating continues outside and we take a break.

Back with Kazarian slamming Steele and starting in on the arm. A springboard legdrop onto the arm onto the chair misses though and Steel hammers away with a kendo stick. Steel hits a running dropkick in the corner and a neckbreaker back out of it gets two. Kazarian’s slingshot DDT gets two more but Steel kicks him low. Another quick shot gets Kazarian out of trouble though and Fade To Black onto a pile of chairs finishes Steel at 10:28.

Result: Frankie Kazarian b. Ace Steel – Fade To Black onto a pile of chairs (10:28)

Post match Kazarian grabs the chickenwing but Joe Hendry runs in for the save.

Mustafa Ali is annoyed at a leaked video of him talking about how worthless the X-Division Title is. Campaign Singh suggests speaking to the people but Ali has a better idea: he can speak to the people!

It’s time for the first date between Steph de Lander and PCO, which is taking place in the ring because wrestling. Steph even holds the ropes for him but he has to be told to not hit her with a chair. We get some candles lit, with Steph saying it’s nice to be on a date with someone normal for once. Steph tries to make some conversation, with PCO’s shout of YAH apparently meaning he likes the Notebook.

A masked waiter brings in wine, with PCO taking his job and filling the glass almost to the brim. Their meal is some gray noodles, which PCO eats with his hands. She explains the concept of a fork to him but here is First Class to interrupt. AJ Francis insults the wine and the beating is on, with PCO being ziptied to the ropes in the corner. Steph slaps Francis…and gets chokeslammed through the table. Trash talk ensues.

Ash By Elegance vs. Heather Reckless

Ash tries to throw her outside to start but Reckless holds onto the ropes and grabs a headlock takeover. Back up and Ash decks her with a right hand and hammers away. The chinlock doesn’t last long but Ash gets a boot up in the corner. Reckless catches her on top, only for the Concierge to break up a super C4. Rarefied Air finishes for Ash at 2:42.

Result: Ash By Elegance b. Heather Reckless – Rarefied Air (2:42)

Post break, Grace wants to hurt Ash.

JDC vs. Ryan Nemeth

That would be Johnny “Dango” Curtis. Nemeth wrestles him down to start and chops away in the corner but JDC breaks up a neckbreaker. JDC chops away and cranks on both arms before firing of some running elbows in the corner. Nemeth is back with a DDT and now the neckbreaker connects, with JDC rolling outside. They get back in but JDC kicks the rope for a low blow and some good old fashioned cheating. Down And Dirty finishes Nemeth at 3:17.

Result: JDC b. Ryan Nemeth – Down And Dirty (3:17)

Post match the System comes in for the beatdown, with Nic Nemeth making the save.

Here are where various shows will be taking place.

Eric Young and Josh Alexander want to go to the main event of Slammiversary.

Road To Slammiversary: Josh Alexander vs. Eric Young

Feeling out process to start with Alexander working on a wristlock. Young breaks that up and does his flip over the ropes into the slide between the legs. An elbow to the face drops Alexander and we take an early break. Back with Alexander fighting out of a neck crank and hitting a backdrop to start the comeback.

A middle rope knee gives Alexander two and it’s time to roll the German suplexes. Young breaks that up and snaps off a Death Valley Driver but the top rope elbow is broken up. Instead Alexander hits his running crossbody through the ropes, only to miss the moonsault. Now Young’s top rope elbow can connect for two but the piledriver is countered into the ankle lock.

Young breaks that up rather quickly and hits a pop up neckbreaker into the piledriver for two. Alexander reverses a middle rope piledriver into the ankle lock, which is broken up again. Alexander is right back with a German suplex though and the C4 Spike sends him to Slammiversary at 11:25.

Result: Josh Alexander b. Eric Young – C4 Spike (11:25)

Respect is shown to end the show.

Spitfire b. The Hex – Assisted Alabama Slam to Belle
Frankie Kazarian b. Ace Steel – Fade To Black onto a pile of chairs
Ash By Elegance b. Heather Reckless – Rarefied Air
JDC b. Ryan Nemeth – Down And Dirty
Josh Alexander b. Eric Young – C4 Spike

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