Date: June 21, 2024
Location: EagleBank Arena, Fairfax, Virginia
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Matt Menard

The road to Forbidden Door continues and we have another qualifying match for the TNT Title ladder match. That at least adds some drama to this show, but a good chunk of the rest of it seems to be the usual Rampage fare. In other words, it should be some solid action. Let’s get to it.

Private Party vs. Metalik/Komander

Zay headlocks Komander to start but gets taken into the wrong corner so Metalik can come in for a chinlock. That’s broken up and the Silly String gives Zay two and it’s off to Quen. Metalik elbows his way out of trouble and everything breaks down, with Komander and Metalik hitting a big running flip dive to the floor each.

We take a break and come back with Zay hitting a spinebuster and diving over for the tag to Quen. A superplex hits Metalik and Quen drops a 450 for two. Metalik is back up with a reverse Sling Blade with Zay having to make a save. With Zay and Metalik both down, Komander and Quen both miss shooting star presses, leaving Metalik to charge into Gin and Juice for the pin at 9:42.

Result: Private Party b. Metalik/Komander – Gin and Juice to Metalik (9:42)

Post match here is the Learning Tree for the brawl, with the outnumbered Private Party getting beaten down.

Video on Ultimo Guerrero, who is facing Kazuchika Okada on Collision.

Rey Fenix vs. Turbo Floyd

Floyd hits a shoulder and poses, setting up an elbow drop for one. Fenix avoids a charge in the corner though and hits a springboard spinning crossbody. The frog splash finishes for Fenix at 1:29.

Result: Rey Fenix b. Turbo Floyd – Frog splash (1:29)

TNT Title Qualifying Match: Lio Rush vs. Action Andretti

They go to the grappling to start with Rush dodging a bunch to send Andretti outside. An exchange of flips gives us a standoff so they collide to give us a double knockdown. We take a break and come back with Andretti firing off some forearms. Rush gets kicked to the floor and an Arabian moonsault takes him down again. Back in and a Falcon Arrow gives Andretti two, followed by the Cameron Grimes flipping powerslam for two more. Rush strikes away though and hits the springboard Stunner, setting up the Final Hour for the pin at 8:21.

Result: Lio Rush b. Action Andretti – Final Hour (8:21)

Post match Top Flight comes in and Rush shows respect to Andretti.

Shingo Takagi vs. AR Fox

Fox jumps him to start and takes it to the floor, setting up a middle rope moonsault. Back in and Takagi drops him with a clothesline, followed by a neckbreaker. Fox dodges a basement lariat and jumps to the top for a 450 and a near fall. Lo Mein Pain is broken up but Fox rolls him up anyway. A Death Valley Driver sets up a hard lariat, followed by Last Of The Dragon to finish Fox at 4:46.

Result: Shingo Takagi b. AR Fox – Last Of The Dragon (4:46)

Post match Bryan Danielson comes out to shake Takagi’s (his opponent in the Owen Hart Cup) hand but Takagi isn’t interested.

Women’s Owen Hart Tournament First Round: Serena Deeb vs. Willow Nightingale

We get a handshake to start and Deeb grabs the wrist for some spinning. A running shoulder doesn’t work on Nightingale, who runs Deeb over with one of her own. The basement crossbody gets two but Deeb snaps the knee over the ropes for a breather. A neckbreaker on the floor has Nightingale in trouble as we take a break.

Back with Nightingale striking away and superkicking Deeb for two. Deeb’s Black Widow is broken up so she grabs a half crab on the leg she went after earlier. With that broken up, Deeb hits a DDT for two as frustration sets in. Deeb goes up but gets superplexed back down, leaving them both on the mat. Back up and Deebtox gets two on Nightingale, who is right back with the Pounce. The Babe With The Powerbomb finishes Deeb at 11:32.

Result: Willow Nightingale b. Serena Deeb – Babe With The Powerbomb (11:32)

Private Party b. Metalik/Komander – Gin and Juice to Metalik
Rey Fenix b. Turbo Floyd – Frog splash
Lio Rush b. Action Andretti – Final Hour
Shingo Takagi b. AR Fox – Last Of The Dragon
Willow Nightingale b. Serena Deeb – Babe With The Powerbomb

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