Date: December 21, 2022
Location: Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas
Commentators: Taz, Excalibur, Ricky Starks

It’s the Holiday Bash and that means we are about to wrap up the year in a big way. That should make for a good week, but you never know what you are going to see around here. Last week saw Bryan Danielson seemingly line himself up as the next challenger to MJF so let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of MJF cheating to retain the World Title over Ricky Starks.

Here is Ricky Starks to get things going. He makes one thing clear: he was ready for MJF last week and it took some cheating to beat him, but Starks is going to be even more ready next time. Now bring him whoever he needs to beat to get another title shot, but here is the Jericho Appreciation Society to interrupt. Jericho praises Starks and says he’ll be a World Champion one day. It just won’t be anytime soon, but maybe Starks just needs some extra guidance from Jericho.

Starks says Jericho looks like a single father on his fifth divorce. He’s going to pass on the offer, because the J in JAS might as well stand for jobbers. Starks calls the other two JAS-Holes and asks what Jericho has done for either of them. The challenge is on for January 4 but here is Jake Hager to jump Starks from behind. Action Andretti runs in for the save.

Elite vs. Death Triangle

Match #5 with Death Triangle up 3-1 and no DQ. Death Triangle clears the ring to start and there are the big flip dives. Back in and Penta gets caught in the corner for some running shots but we pause for Michael Nakazawa to get in some shots. Then Brandon Cutler, dressed as an elf, gets cut off by Alex Abrahantes. That means a parade of superkicks, followed by Penta hitting a heck of a trashcan shot to Omega. A faceplant puts nick Jackson down and we take a break.

Back with Matt being sent into a Christmas tree in the corner (Excalibur: “Into those unforgiving artificial pine needles!”) but Nick dives onto all of Death Triangle. Pac goes after Matt’s ankle though, only to have Omega break up the Pillmanizing. Omega takes Pac out with a trashcan and it’s table time on the floor. With two of them set up, Omega pulls out a barbed wire broom, which goes over Fenix’s back. The Bucks dive through Pac and Fenix and the tables, leaving Omega to tiger driver 98 Fenix onto the barbed wire broom for a delayed two.

Abrahantes’ interference doesn’t work so Omega tries the One Winged Angel, only to have Fenix reverse into a hurricanrana for two more. The hammer to the head gives Fenix two so the Triangle goes for triple submissions (including the Brutalizer to Omega with tinsel). Matt slips out and makes the save and Omega snapdragons Fenix. That leaves Matt, with a bad ankle, to hit a Meltzer Driver to drive Fenix into a chair for the pin at 13:48.

Result: Elite b. Death Triangle – Meltzer Driver to Fenix onto a chair (13:48)

Post match Death Triangle massacres the Elite, leaving Matt busted open.

After last week’s successful title defense, MJF was livid at Bryan Danielson for interfering. Now he wants to give Danielson more than he deserves.

Action Andretti is happy with beating Chris Jericho, which draws in the Jericho Appreciation Society to yell. It’s a ruse though, allowing Jericho to throw a fireball at Andretti.

Here is Bryan Danielson for a chat about how he isn’t happy with William Regal turning on the Blackpool Combat Club. The fans might remember that he trained in San Antonio and had his first match just up the road from this building. His trainers were Rudy Boy Gonzalez and Shawn Michaels (pause for HBK chants) but William Regal taught him how to be a wrestler. When Regal was in the hospital, Danielson cried because Regal made him who he is. One thing Regal taught him was that there are consequences to his actions, which is what MJF needs to learn.

Cue….Ethan Page and Stokely Hathaway instead, to talk about how Page is always finishing in second place but Danielson (or Vegetable Man) wants to jump the line anyway. Danielson says that Hathaway’s bald head is distracting him so grow some hair. Also, did Page just call him Vegetable Man? Hathaway: “You raggedy b****.” Page says that he is going to turn Danielson into a vegetable so Danielson is ready to fight. But nah, we’ll do it next week instead.

Jon Moxley is ready for the $300,000 Trios Casino Christmas Battle Royal on Rampage. Other than that though, he’s ready for Hangman Page, who can brawl with him all across Texas if he wants. What is there to settle though? Page got knocked out, but what did you think Moxley was trying to do with that clothesline? Comb Page’s hair? For tonight though, Moxley is going to teach Darius Martin a hard lesson.

Samoa Joe wishes Wardlow Happy Holidays because he won’t have a Happy New Year. The beating is coming on December 28.

Hook vs. Exodus Prime

Redrum finishes Prime at 1:00.

Result: Hook b. Exodus Prime – Redrum (1:00)

Post match we see the Firm beating up Jack Perry in the back, including a Big Bill chokeslam into a dumpster.

Jon Moxley vs. Darius Martin

Dante Martin and Claudio Castagnoli are here too. Moxley elbows him in the face to start but a dropkick sends him outside. They fight into the crowd early with Moxley putting him down but pausing to celebrate too long. Darius hits a heck of a suicide dive to drop Moxley and they head back in. Moxley is fine enough to drop him hard on the floor before starting in on the arm.

A superplex drops Darius and there are the hard elbows to the face. Darius gets in a shot of his own and a Pele out of the corner gives him a breather. There’s a springboard Downward Spiral for two on Moxley, who rolls through a high crossbody. That means a bunch of stomps to Darius’ head, setting up the hammer and anvil elbows. The bulldog choke into the Death Rider finishes for Moxley at 8:35.

Result: Jon Moxley b. Darius Martin – Death Rider (8:35)

Hikaru Shida is ready to take the Women’s Title from Jamie Hayter.

We get more from the Book Of Hobbs, who talks about watching his uncle overdose and various other horrible things as a kid.

FTR vs. The Gunns

Dax is very taped up so Austin pounds on the bad ribs to take over. Wheeler comes in instead for some atomic drops before avoiding a dropkick. The Gunns are sent outside in a heap and we take a break. Back with Wheeler fighting out of trouble and handing it back to Harwood to clean house.

Wheeler has to make a diving save to block a spike piledriver on the floor and everything breaks down. The Sharpshooter is broken up back inside but Harwood’s back gives out before the piledriver can be loaded up. Harwood tries an O’Connor roll but Austin reverses into one of his own and grabs some help for the pin at 9:01.

Result: The Gunns b. FTR – Assisted rollup to Harwood (9:01)

Sonjay Dutt has a rap video about the Acclaimed.

Hip hop mogul Rick Ross is here to moderate a meeting between Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland. After Ross calls Lee a “big motherf***** (uncensored)”), Swerve comes out to say we need to be doing this his way. Swerve tells Lee to keep looking behind him, so here is Parker Boudreaux (in the same shirt as Swerve) to brawl with Lee. Boudreaux gets sent outside without much effort and Lee goes to stare at Swerve…as a guy with a lot of tattoos jumps Lee. Boudreaux and the unnamed lackey put Lee on a table so Swerve can double stomp a cinder block on his chest. And yes, we have a new stable.

The Best Friends/Orange Cassidy and the Dark Order are ready for the Rampage battle royal.

Women’s Title: Hikaru Shida vs. Jamie Hayter

Hayter, with Britt Baker and Rebel, is defending. They strike away to start with Shida getting the better of things and knocking it to the floor. Shida drops her again and scares Baker away as we take a break. Back with Shida in control and snapping off a suplex but a double clothesline puts them both down. It’s Shida up first with a dropkick and they head to the apron, where Shida hits a jumping knee. A suplex to the floor drops Hayter HARD and we take another break.

Back again with Hayter missing a moonsault and getting kneed in the face. A snap German suplex drops Hayter so Baker gets on the apron with the kendo stick. Rebel offers a distraction as Shida springboard kicks baker down. The distraction lets Hayter hit a powerbomb for two, followed by the running clothesline for the same. The Hayterade is enough to retain the title at 16:16.

Result: Jamie Hayter b. Hikaru Shida – Hayderade (16:16)

Post match the beatdown is on but Toni Storm and then Saraya run out for the save to end the show.


Elite b. Death Triangle – Meltzer Driver onto a chair to Fenix
Hook b. Exodus Prime – Redrum
Jon Moxley b. Darius Martin – Death Rider
The Gunns b. FTR – Assisted rollup to Harwood
Jamie Hayter b. Hikaru Shida – Hayterade

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