Date: October 12, 2022
Location: Coca-Cola Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

We’re up north this week and out of the United States (at least on land) for the first time. The main events feature a grand total of one American as we have Bryan Danielson challenging Chris Jericho for the Ring Of Honor World Title and Pac defending the All-Atlantic Title against Orange Cassidy. Let’s get to it.

We start hings off with the debut of the newest member of the broadcast team: Renee Paquette (Young). She brings out Christian Cage, who insults Toronto and then brings in Luchasaurus.

Jungle Boy vs. Luchasaurus

Christian Cage is on commentary. Jungle Boy goes after him to start but gets powered into the corner. The uppercut off the top sends Luchasaurus to the floor and it’s already time for a table. Jungle Boy is in big trouble as the table is set up outside and we take a break. Back with Luchasaurus missing a charge and going into the post, meaning he staggers up to the apron. The running sunset bomb sends Luchasaurus through the table, which is enough for Christian to come down to the ring.

Jungle Boy works on the arm some more, including wrapping it around the ropes. That’s fine with Luchasaurus, who hits a left handed chokeslam for two. Some shots to the head get Jungle Boy out of trouble and a crucifix bomb gets two more. A Killswitch gives Jungle Boy another near fall but the Snare Trap is broken up. Jungle Boy goes to the top but a Christian distraction lets Luchasaurus get slammed off the top. The Cutthroat Driver finishes Jungle Boy at 14:04.

Result: Luchasaurus b. Jungle Boy – Cutthroat Driver (14:04)

The Firm and Matt hardy/Private Party get into it in the back. The Hardy vs. Ethan Page match is set for Rampage, with Private Party’s freedom on the line. If Matt wins they’re gone, but if Matt loses, Private Party and Matt are in the Firm.

Samoa Joe/Wardlow vs. The Factory

It’s a brawl to start until we settle down to Joe walking away from Solo’s dive. Wardlow slams Comoroto down and it’s a Swanton to make it worse. Joe chokes Comoroto out at 2:24.

Result: Samoa Joe/Wardlow b. The Factory – Koquina Clutch to Comoroto (2:24)

Post match QT Marshall gets a Powerbomb Symphony but here is the Embassy to surround the ring. Brian Cage mocks FTR for not being here but here is FTR to interrupt. They would like a six man tag on Rampage and bring out Toronto’s own Shawn Spears as their partner.

The Jericho Appreciation Society is ready for Bryan Danielson for what he made them do to Daniel Garcia.

Billy Gunn vs. Swerve Strickland

The Acclaimed is here with Gunn and Castor’s rap makes a variety of Canadian references. Billy takes him down to start and teases the old lowering of the trunks, only to get kicked down to the floor. We take a break and come back with Billy making a comeback but Swerve takes him down and goes up top, where he mocks the scissoring. The Swerve Stomp gets two before Swerve grabs a rollup (with ropes) for the pin at 8:47.

Result: Swerve Strickland b. Billy Gunn – Rollup with a hand on the ropes (8:47)

Post match Mark Sterling comes out to announce that he has trademarked the SCISSOR ME catchphrase so anytime they use it, he gets the money. Oh and he’ll sue if they do the gesture too.

MJF is asked about almost shaking hands with Wheeler Yuta last week but gets interrupted by Stokely Hathaway. That’s not cool with MJF, who calls it strike two. With Stokely gone, MJF says he isn’t sure if he was going to shake Yuta’s hand or not because he learned a long time ago that the nice guys finish last.

No one knows what it is like to be him because he is expected to be the bad guy. He has broken his hand several times punching his reflection but make no mistake about it: he will be World Champion because he is a generational talent, a man with the chip and the man with a plan.

Here is Jon Moxley for a chat. He has been World Champion for a big chunk of AEW’s history and that means a lot is expect of him. Some people become World Champion and crumble under the pressure, some faster than others. That brings him to Hangman Page, so here he is for a chat. They get in each other’s face and Moxley doesn’t think Page has it anymore. It’s not the same Page that shoved him off a 20 foot ladder last year.

Page says he’s right because a lot of things has changed, including his old friends disappearing (cut to MJF in the sky box saying “serves them right”. He has been beaten down and he has been choked blue and beaten while he is unconscious. After punching himself in the face to the point where he is bleeding, Page says he is also a former World Champion and doesn’t care who is there next week, but Page is going to come for the title. Next week, he’s proving that he’s a man.

Video on Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho.

Ring Of Honor World Title: Chris Jericho vs. Bryan Danielson

Jericho is defending and it’s Lionheart again this week, so Judas is cut off. They strike it off to start and the fans sing Judas anyway. Danielson chops away but Jericho is right back with a hurricanrana, meaning the posing can take us to a break. Back with Jericho dropkicking him to the floor and hitting a slingshot dive to drop Danielson again.

Jericho shrugs that off and comes back with the LeBell Lock. That’s broken up so Jericho tries the Walls, only to get broken up without much trouble. Danielson gets his own Walls but Jericho reverses into a small package for two. With that broken up, Danielson fires off hammer and anvil elbows but Jericho is back up with an AA of all things for two.

Back up and they miss shots to the head but the referee gets bumped. A double clothesline puts them both down and it’s Daniel Garcia coming down. Danielson hits the running knee but Garcia belts him down (to a rather strong positive reaction) to give Jericho the retain pin at 14:31.

Result: Chris Jericho b. Bryan Danielson – Belt shot from Daniel Garcia (14:31)

Jericho and Garcia leave in peace.

The Vicious Vixens are happy with Nyla Rose having stolen the TNT Title. Anna Jay comes in and gets a match with Rose on Rampage.

Britt Baker/Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida/Toni Storm

Rebel is here with the villains. Toni kicks Hayter down to start but gets taken into the wrong corner. The arm is sent into the post and we take a break. Back with Shida hitting a top rope Meteora for two on Baker as everything breaks down. Storm hits a tornado DDT and Storm Zero drops Baker. Hayter drives Storm into the cover for the save so Shida suplexes Baker and rolls her up for the pin at 8:15.

Result: Hikaru Shida/Toni Storm b. Britt Baker/Jamie Hayter – Rollup to Baker (8:15)

Butcher and the Blade are ready for Claudio Castagnoli and Jon Moxley on Rampage.

All-Atlantic Title: Orange Cassidy vs. Pac

Pac is defending and kicks Cassidy down to start. Then Pac mocks the lazy kick, earning him a hard dropkick from Cassidy. That’s enough to send Pac outside, where he counters the suicide dive into a brainbuster on the floor. We take a break and come back with Cassidy diving back under the ropes after a Tombstone on the ramp during the break. Back in the Brutalizer goes on, sending Cassidy’s feet into the ropes.

Cassidy hits a running DDT and the Orange Punch gets two. Pac grabs a quick suplex though and the Brutalizer goes on again. This time Cassidy rolls over and makes the rope again so Pac goes outside to grab the title belt. Cue Danhausen to stop him though, meaning IT’S TIME FOR A CURSE! Pac drops him with a right hand and grabs the ring hammer bell. Cassidy knocks it out of his hand and hits the Orange Punch, followed by a second for the pin and the title at 11:08.

Result: Orange Cassidy b. Pac – Orange Punch (11:08)

Post match the Best Friends come out to celebrate to end the show.

Luchasaurus b. Jungle Boy – Cutthroat Driver
Samoa Joe/Wardlow b. The Factory – Koquina Clutch to Comorato
Swerve Strickland b. Billy Gunn – Rollup while grabbing the rope
Chris Jericho b. Bryan Danielson – Belt shot from Daniel Garcia
Hikaru Shida/Toni Storm b. Britt Baker/Jamie Hatyer – Rollup to Baker
Orange Cassidy b. Pac – Orange Punch

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