Double Or Nothing 2024
Date: May 26, 2024
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

It’s back to one of the biggest pay per views on the AEW calendar as it’s the five year anniversary show. The show has a triple main event, though Anarchy In The Arena has been presented as by far the biggest thing on the card. Other than that, Swerve Strickland defends the World Title against Christian Cage and Mercedes Mone makes her in-ring debut. Let’s get to it.

Buy-In: Thunder Rosa vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Rosa backs her into the corner to start and snaps off a running headscissors. A running dropkick puts Purrazzo on the floor and there’s a dropkick through the ropes. Back in and Purrazzo gets in a shot of her own to take over and starts in on the arm. The armbar goes on but Rosa fights up, with a double crossbody putting both of them down. A neckbreaker drops Purrazzo again and Rosa hits the hard running dropkick against the ropes.

Purrazzo catches her in the Tree of Woe for the running shoulder to the ribs but Rosa is right back with a cobra clutch of all things. That’s escaped so Rosa hits a discus forearm for two but the Tijuana Bomb is countered into the Fujiwara armbar. Rosa slips out and hits a Backstabber into the cobra clutch again. This time Purrazzo stacks her up and uses the ropes for the pin at 10:13.

Result: Deonna Purrazzo b. Thunder Rosa – Rollup with ropes (10:13)

Buy-In: Acclaimed/Billy Gunn vs. Cage Of Agony

Caster and Kaun start things off, with the latter powering him into the corner. Kaun misses a charge but scores with a clothesline for a fast two. It’s off to Gunn, who wants, and receives, Cage for a pose off. Cage shoulders him into the corner and strikes a double bicep before yelling on the ropes a lot. Gunn knocks him over and poses as well before punching Cage into the corner.

Everything breaks down and all of them brawl out to the floor, where Bowens is sent knee first into the steps. Back in and a backbreaker onto the turnbuckle drops Caster, setting up Cage’s apron superplex. Kaun chokes in the corner and Cage drives in the shoulders to the ribs. Caster gets in a shot of his own though and nails a high crossbody on Kaun. Toa is right there to cut the tag off, only to miss a middle rope splash.

A kick away is enough for the tag off to Gunn as the pace picks up. Everything breaks down and Toa runs Gunn over, leaving Cage to discus lariat Caster. Bowens dives in for the limping save but is knocked outside in a hurry. Cage grabs a chair but the Las Vegas Golden Knights mascot runs in to take it away. The distraction lets Gunn grab a small package to pin Kaun at 11:43.

Result: Acclaimed/Billy Gunn b. Cage Of Agony – Small package to Kaun (11:43)

Post match we get a scissoring with the mascot. Ah so that’s why they won.

The opening video talks about whether wrestlers will claim their dreams or leave them in the desert.

International Title: Roderick Strong vs. Will Ospreay

Strong, with the Kingdom, is defending, Don Callis is on commentary, and Ospreay tries a Hidden Blade at the bell. That doesn’t work but Ospreay knocks him outside, where Strong gets in a quick shot. Ospreay flips out of an attempted backbreaker onto the barricade and nails Strong as they head back inside. A backbreaker puts Strong down but the Kingdom manages to interfere and hit a Doomsday Device on the floor, with Ospreay landing head first on the floor in a terrifying spot. The fans get quiet but Ospreay is ok enough to go back inside and they slug it out.

Strong flips out of a quick abdominal stretch attempt and tries a not so complete crossface. That’s broken up and Strong chops away but Ospreay knocks him out of the air and hits a running boot in the corner. The Kingdom offers another distraction and Wardlow comes in, only to get caught as well. Somehow none of this is a DQ so Ospreay goes up and hits a corkscrew moonsault onto all of the villains, who are ejected.

A top rope clothesline gives Ospreay two back inside, followed by a bridging suplex for the same. Ospreay knocks him off the top and tries a twisting moonsault but has to stick the landing, only to damage his knee in the process. Strong is right there with a Texas Cloverleaf, with Ospreay crawling over to the ropes. Strong’s faceplant gets two and a superplex gets the same as frustration is setting in. A kick to the head is loaded up but Ospreay reverses into a sitout powerbomb for the double down.

Back up and they slug it out with Ospreay escaping End Of Heartache. Ospreay’s Styles Clash is countered and the Oscutter connects, only for the bad knee to give Strong enough time to kick out. The referee checks on Strong so Callis tells Ospreay to hit the tiger driver 91 since Strong “is going to the hospital anyway”. Ospreay loads it up but can’t bring himself to do it, allowing Strong to hit an Angle Slam. The Sick Kick gets two but End Of Heartache is escaped. A running elbow sets up the Hidden Blade to give Ospreay the pin and the title at 17:57. Callis: “WE WON!”

Result: Will Ospreay b. Roderick Strong – Hidden Blade (17:57)

Post match here’s Adam Cole for a chat. He shouldn’t be here because he should be back there with the Undisputed Kingdom or the Young Bucks, or maybe rehabbing his ankle. Cole pulls out the Devil mask and says he’ll be back to make you give the Devil his due. Then the lights go out and we see what looks like a point of view shot inside MJF’s house, with the person pulling out a torn picture of Cole and MJF.

Cue MJF, in a 2002 HHH leather jacket/sleeveless vest look, to hug Cole and then kick him low. A brainbuster plants Cole and MJF calls him a “noodle armed Bobble Head son of a b****.” Cole is carried out and MJF says he trusted him, which is never happening again. MJF says he is the greatest wrestler in the world and hits the catchphrase. The catch is he doesn’t need a New Japan or a Vince McMahon (big gasp on that) because MJF made MJF.

We’re done with the Kangaroo Kicks and associated BS because it’s time for him to bring the hate again. MJF picks up the mask, which he says adorn cowards who want to hide. He’s done hiding and apologizing for the fact that he is the best. It’s not his fault that all of your favorites suck a big old bag of donkey d**** but this mask, and everything it symbolizes, can go straight to h***. He drops a Ric Flair elbow on the mask and says he’s all in, double or nothing. As for his contract status, he points to an AEW tattoo on his leg and says you can bet on him, because he’s not f****** (not censored) leaving.

We recap the Trios Title match, which saw the Bang Bang Gang annoying Pac, who reformed Death Triangle to come after the titles.

Trios Titles: Death Triangle vs. Bang Bang Gang

The Gang is defending and Pac runs Colten over to start. Austin and Penta come in, with the Triangle wasting no time in triple teaming him down. One heck of a What’s Up but White takes Pac down with a neckbreaker to take over. The villains take Pac into the corner where he strikes away, only to get dropped throat first across the top rope. The half crab goes on but Pac kicks his way out and rolls between the Gunns for the tag off to Penta.

House is cleaned, with Fenix being launched up for a splash to Austin with White making the save. White gets kicked into a twisting Death Valley Driver for two and everything breaks down for a six way knockdown. Pac goes up for the Black Arrow but the Gunns slid in a bat, allowing Juice Robinson to run in and crotch Pac. The Blade Runner retains the titles at 12:18.

Result: Bang Bang Gang b. Death Triangle – Blade Runner to Pac (12:18)

We recap Toni Storm defending the Women’s Title against Serena Deeb. Storm has beaten a bunch of people with different styles and Deeb is the wrestling genius. Deeb is also back after some serious medical issues and is ready to FINALLY win the title. Storm doesn’t seem impressed, as tends to be her custom.

Women’s Title: Toni Storm vs. Serena Deeb

Storm is defending and has Mariah May and Luther in her corner. They go with the grappling to start, with Deeb tying her up in the Paradise Lock for the running dropkick. Deeb grabs a dragon screw legwhip to start in on the knee, setting up an Octopus. With that broken up, Deeb hits another dragon screw and the knee is in event more trouble.

Deeb cranks away on the mat but Storm fights up, only to get slapped several times in a row. A neckbreaker drops Storm again as the fans start chanting for her, much to Nigel McGuinness’ happiness. They fight over a standing switch until Deeb suplexes her down for two. Back up and they slap it out again until Storm’s chokebomb gets two more. Deeb pulls her into a half crab to go back to the knee, with May teasing throwing in the towel.

Luther cuts that off and Storm sees him, which doesn’t go well. Back in and Storm Zero gets two so they head to the apron, where another Storm Zero can’t hit. A third dragon screw legwhip has Storm in trouble and Deebtox on the apron, followed by another in the ring, gets two. Storm catches her on top with a super piledriver, followed by Storm Zero to retain at 15:38.

Result: Toni Storm b. Serena Deeb – Storm Zero (15:38)

We recap Trent Beretta vs. Orange Cassidy. They were best friends and then Beretta turned on him, saying Cassidy was self centered. Cassidy already beat him, but then Trent ended the career of their former friend Chuck Taylor. Therefore, it’s time for revenge.

Orange Cassidy vs. Trent Beretta

Don Callis is on commentary…and there is no Cassidy. Hold on though as he comes out to his old music, including a dark shirt and dark jeans. They slug it out with Trent knocking him down off a shot to the throat. Cassidy sends him into the corner and hits a high crossbody, setting up a DDT out to the floor. They fight on the floor, with Cassidy knocking him around ringside until another shot to the throat cuts him down.

Back in and Beretta hits a German suplex, followed by another to keep Cassidy in trouble. Cassidy slowly starts getting up and puts his hands in his pockets…so Trent knocks him down in the corner in a smart move. Cassidy gets back up and rolls away, allowing him to kick Trent into the corner for some stomping. Trent rolls to the apron before Cassidy can come off the top, where he kicks Cassidy out of the air for the crash.

A piledriver onto the apron knocks Cassidy silly but he’s fine enough to hit a Beach Break on the floor. Back in and Trent wants a hug but gets Michinoku Drivered instead. The Stundog Millionaire is blocked, as is the spinning DDT. Instead Trent hits a clothesline, setting up Strong Zero for two more. Trent’s running knee is countered into a Beach Break for two but the Orange Punch is countered into a Codebreaker. Trent tries a choke but gets reversed into a rollup for the pin at 13:55.

Result: Orange Cassidy b. Trent Beretta – Rollup (13:55)

Post match Rocky Romero comes out to check on Trent, who says he isn’t doing this and walks out through the crowd.

FTW Title: Hook vs. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho is defending and chops it out with Shibata to start. Hook suplexes Jericho down and it’s already time for the tables. Jericho breaks that up and sends Hook into the barricade before dropping Shibata as well. It’s time for the bag of…dice, about two and a half minutes into the match. Hook suplexes Jericho onto them and Shibata adds a slam as commentary makes craps references.

Hook suplexes both of them again but Shibata suplexes Hook to leave everyone down. It’s time for some kendo sticks, with the challengers shrugging off Jericho’s shots and beating him down with their sticks instead. Shibata knocks Hook down and whips out a table of his own. More suplexes abound and Jericho is laid on the table, with Shibata Death Valley Drivering Hook onto Jericho but not through the table. Shibata sends Jericho through the tale in the corner and adds a dropkick for two.

Hook is back up with a suplex but looks rather staggered after the table crash. Redrum goes on but Big Bill comes in for the save. Bill and Hook go crashing off the apron for a nasty landing, leaving Shibata to Figure Four Jericho. Hook comes in and adds the Redrum but here is someone in a hoodie with a trashcan for the save. And it’s Bryan Keith, who gets beaten down by Hook. Jericho Judas Effects Hook and pins Shibata to retain at 12:45.

Result: Chris Jericho b. Hook and Katsuyori Shibata – Trashcan shot to Shibata (12:45)

We recap Jon Moxley vs. Konosuke Takeshita, with Don Callis wanting Moxley to join his team but getting nowhere.

Jon Moxley vs. Konosuke Takeshita

Non-title and Moxley has a bad shoulder thanks to Takeshita attacking him last night. Moxley slugs away to start but gets dropped with a flying clothesline. Takeshita starts taking off the tape before hitting a hammerlock slam. Moxley gets dropped hard onto the apron but bites at the head for a breather. The fans get on Callis as Takeshita fights back and chokes against the barricade.

Back in and Takeshita drops him to his knees with a single forearm. A brainbuster plants Moxley again and we hit the crossface chickenwing. That’s broken up so Takeshita kicks him in the face, only to get caught with a desperation cutter. Moxley can’t get a piledriver so Takeshita pulls him into a Fujiwara armbar instead. The rope is reached so Takeshita rips at the face for a change of pace. That gets a stern lecture from the referee, allowing Moxley to send Takeshita outside for a dive.

Back in and Moxley uses the good arm for a big clothesline but Takeshita is back with the kneeling piledriver. Takeshita loads up the running knee but gets cut off with a Paradigm Shift. They slug it out until Takeshita drops him with one heck of a forearm. Instead of covering, Takeshita hits a running knee for two and frustration is setting in.

Moxley is back up with a choke but can’t get the Death Rider. The arm is sent into the post and another big forearm, setting up Takeshita’s Death Rider for two. Callis says finish this so Takeshita grabs some chairs…but Moxley stomps him onto the chair. The Death Rider finishes Takeshita at 17:24.

Result: Jon Moxley b. Konosuke Takeshita – Death Rider (17:24)

We recap Malakai Black vs. Adam Copeland for the latter’s TNT Title. Black wanted the violent Copeland so he stole Copeland’s wedding ring. That earned him a bloodbath, and it’s in a barbed wire cage too.

TNT Title: Adam Copeland vs. Malakai Black

Copeland is defending in a barbed wire cage so naturally there are a bunch of weapons included. The End and the spear both miss so Copeland sends him over the ropes for a boot against the cage. Copeland grabs some barbed wire and rips Black’s head open but the spear is cut off with a knee. Black grabs a barbed wire baseball bat so commentary argues about Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

The bat goes into Copeland’s head to bust him open too. Black takes too long to follow up though and gets batted in the ribs. Copeland rakes Black’s face against the cage and it’s time to set up a table. It takes too long to go up though and Black superkicks Copeland down to crotch him on the ropes. A sunset bomb through the table gives Black two but the End is cut off with a standing spear to give Copeland two.

Another piledriver knocks Black silly and Copeland puts him onto a table…where he wraps Black in barbed wire. Copeland goes to the top of the cage and kind of elbows him (while landing on his feet) for a rather delayed two. The spear is countered with the End for two and they both slowly get up. Black whips out…some kind of big spike, which he stabs through the mat as he misses Copeland. Black kicks him through the door and they go outside, where Copeland hits another spear.

Cue the House Of Black….to stand next to Copeland. Then they turn on him about two seconds later and beat him down before heading back inside. Black whips out Copeland’s wedding ring and puts it around his neck as the House wraps Copeland in barbed wire. Then the lights go red and black and Gangrel pops up through the mat. The blood is sprayed and the former Brood cleans house, with Copeland tying Black up with the barbed wire and putting on the Grindhouse for the win at 20:11.

Result: Adam Copeland b. Malakai Black – Grindhouse (20:11)

Don Callis talks about how great a night it has been for the Family. He’ll have a contract on Dynamite for…someone, presumably Orange Cassidy.

We recap Mercedes Mone challenging Willow Nightingale for the TBS Title. Mone is making her in-ring debut and is in her first match after injuring her ankle against Nightingale in Japan. Now Mone wants revenge and to show that she is a star.

TBS Title: Mercedes Mone vs. Willow Nightingale

Nightingale, with Kris Statlander and Stokely Hathaway, is defending and Mone gets a big entrance, complete with a bunch of drummers and showgirls. Mone begs off from Nightingale to start and we hit the dueling chants. The threat of a clothesline sends Mone bailing out to the floor, with Mone running away in a chase. Back in and Mone grabs a springboard sitout bulldog for two but Nightingale pops back up.

They head outside again where Mone gets in a kick from the apron, only to get caught with the Babe With The Powerbomb onto the same apron. Back in and Nightingale throws her hard into the corner A super Babe With The Powerbomb is broken up and Mone ties her ankle in the corner for some cranking. The jumping Meteora gets two and Mone grabs a leglock to keep Nightingale in trouble.

With that broken up, Mone grabs a dragon screw legwhip (Nightingale landed on her) and puts on an ankle lock. That’s broken up so Mone hits a Backstabber for two. An octopus goes on but Nightingale reverses into an ankle lock of her own. Mone slips out of that as well so Nightingale Pounces the heck out of her. Back up and Nightingale unloads with clotheslines in the corner, setting up a hard spinebuster for two.

The Babe With The Powerbomb is countered so Nightingale lifts her up for another powerbomb. Nightingale puts her on top but can’t get a superplex, instead settling for a shinbreaker on the apron. A swinging Prism Trap has Mone in more trouble but she avoids the Cannonball. Mone stomps on the ankle and a middle rope Meteora gets two. Nightingale rolls outside and there’s another Meteora off the apron to knock her silly.

Statlander and Hathaway get on the apron to yell, allowing Nightingale to hit the Babe With The Powerbomb…but the arguing continues. The delayed cover gets two but Mone reverses another Babe With The Powerbomb into a weird STF. That’s broken up so Mone goes up and kicks her down. The Mone Maker (a Gory Stretch spun into a knee to the face) gives Mone the pin and the title at 18:04.

Result: Mercedes Mone b. Willow Nightingale – Mone Maker (18:04)

Post match Hathaway yells at Nightingale but Statlander shoves him down. Then Statlander turns on Nightingale and leaves with Hathaway.

We recap Swerve Strickland defending the World Title against Christian Cage. Strickland is mad at the Young Bucks so they’re sending Cage and the Patriarchy to take him out. Cage is also mad at Strickland for injuring Nick Wayne last year.

AEW World Title: Swerve Strickland vs. Christian Cage

Strickland, with Prince Nana (to counter Cage’s Patriarchy), is defending and we get a video about his rise to the top. They yell at each other to start and fight over a lockup as they’re not exactly going fast to start here. Cage kicks him in the ribs but gets run over with a shoulder, allowing Swerve to step on his back. The reverse DDT puts Swerve down but he avoids top rope splash.

They head outside with Swerve being sent into the barricade and Cage gets to pose back inside. The chinlock goes on for a bit, followed by the frog splash to give Cage two. Nick Wayne gets in a cheap shot but Swerve sends Cage hard into the corner for a breather. Cage tries a spear but Swerve lifts him up into a powerbomb, which he swings into a powerslam for two. Swerve grabs the turtleneck for some rolling neckbreakers, followed by a hanging neckbreaker over the ropes.

With Cage on the floor, Swerve hits a big flipping dive, kicking him in the head on the way down. The House Call is countered into a Sharpshooter, which is reversed into a small package for two. The Patriarchy tries to grab the belt but Nana takes it away, only to be ejected for being caught with the belt in hand. Cage distracts the referee so the Patriarchy can hammer away like good villains. Mother Wayne offers a distraction but Killswitch headbutts Cage by mistake.

Nick is taken out but the Swerve Stomp misses. The spear gives Cage two so Nick tries another distraction but this time Killswitch gets caught before the interference. That’s good for a group ejection as commentary talks about Englebert Humperdink. Swerve hits his rolling Downward Spiral for two, followed by the rolling suplex on the floor. The steps are loaded up but they roll to the apron instead, with Cage raking the eyes and trying a powerbomb.

That’s reversed into a Swerve Stomp onto the apron but Cage knocks him off the apron and HARD onto the steps. Cue Nick Wayne with Wayne’s World off the steps so the Killswitch can give Cage two. Cue Prince Nana with a pipe to chase Nick off so Cage loads up the announcers’ table.

The Killswitch is countered into a Swerve Stomp onto (not through) the table for a NASTY crash/noise. Back in and the JML Driver is countered into a rollup for two and Cage snaps the back of Swerve’s neck over the top rope. The spear is countered so Swerve hits a running House Call into the swerve Stomp for…no cover. Another House call Retains at 24:45.

Result: Swerve Strickland b. Christian Cage – House Call (24:45)

We recap Anarchy In The Arena, which is the Young Bucks taking over AEW and a makeshift team fighting against them for the soul of the company.

Elite vs. Team AEW

That would be the Young Bucks/Jack Perry/Kazuchika Okada vs. Bryan Danielson/Darby Allin/FTR and it’s Anarchy In The Arena, meaning anything goes and falls count anywhere in an arena wide fight. The brawl is on before the bell (which rings at 12:02am) and Allin runs in wearing a mask with thumbtacks. Allin’s music keeps playing until the Bucks say play THEIR music instead. Danielson: “TURN THAT S*** OFF!” He wants the best theme music in wrestling history so the Final Countdown is on.

The brawl starts going into the crowd with Harwood and Nick fighting into the concourse. Allin dives off part of the balcony onto a pile of people and we go to a four way screen for a few moments. We pause for the wrestlers to pose a bit but Matt says cut the music because it costs about $200,000 per play.

The camera keeps cutting to different fights, with one at ringside, two in the crowd and one backstage. The fans want music and then swear about the Bucks when it doesn’t play. Okada, at ringside, pulls out a sign that says Rainmaker Drive before diving onto Danielson. Allin throws Perry in a bucket of cold water in the back but Perry chokes him with a pipe. Back in the ring, the Bucks hit a Shatter Machine for two on Harwood (who is busted open).

We cut back to outside where Perry is in a SCAPEGOAT bus to run over a pile of stuff, which may or may not contain Allin (see because Allin got hit by a bus a few weeks ago). Perry is out off the crash and we cut back to Matt getting hit with a spike piledriver (I believe the tenth or so piledriver variation of the show) onto the apron. The PowerPlex gets two with Okada making the save.

Okada’s top rope elbow hits Harwood and he flips off the fans, with Wheeler coming in to bite the finger. Allin comes back to the ring and gets two off a Code Red on Okada. The Bucks are back up to powerbomb Okada onto a bunch of chairs….and they call for the slot machine set to be raised up. They put him under the raised set but Danielson is back up to punch away. Danielson is thrown off the ramp and the TK Driver onto the big poker chips. FTR come up, with Wheeler getting dropped onto the chip but Harwood DDTs Matt onto the chip.

A bunch of superkicks knock people off the ramp and Nick pops up after a piledriver on the stage. A table is pulled out and of course the fans want fire. Okada elbows Harwood through one and Nick adds a Swanton to put Wheeler through another. We cut to Perry backstage….and he grabs Tony Khan. Perry takes him away and Allin comes into the ring with the flamethrower. Allin lights Perry on fire so here are the Bucks with fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire.

They go back to the ring and Allin kicks Okada low. The Coffin Drop gets two with the Bucks making the save. With nothing else working, the Bucks tie up Allin’s legs and…FTR comes back in with a Shatter Machine (Tony: “End it already!”) for two. Nick whips out an exploding chair to take out Harwood, followed by a superkick to Wheeler.

Okada brings out an arm sleeve with thumbtacks and the Rainmaker hits Allin, but it’s time to bust out the Young Bucks’ new shoes. These come with tacks (Okada to Matt: “TRY THESE!”) and Allin is raised up, hanging upside down by his feet. The Bucks put the shoes on and pump them up for tacked superkicks to Allin. Danielson comes in and gets taken out as well but Nick kicks Matt by mistake.

Danielson hits a running knee and takes one of the shoes, which knocks out the Bucks. A bunch of kicks have the Bucks down and a running knee into a chair hits Matt for two as Okada makes the save. Tony: “WHEN WILL THIS THING END?” The Bucks are back up with the EVP Trigger as the fans want help for Allin (who is STILL hanging upside down). Perry hits a running knee to pin Danielson at 29:55.

Result: Elite b. Team AEW – Running knee to Danielson (29:55)

The Elite celebrates to end the show.

Deonna Purrazzo b. Thunder Rosa – Rollup with ropes
Billy Gunn/Acclaimed b. Cage Of Agony – Small package to Toa
Will Ospreay b. Roderick Strong – Hidden Blade
Bang Bang Gang b. Death Triangle – Blade Runner to Pac
Toni Storm b. Serena Deeb – Storm Zero
Orange Cassidy b. Trent Beretta – Rollup
Chris Jericho b. Hook and Katsuyori Shibata – Trashcan shot to Shibata
Jon Moxley b. Konosuke Takeshita – Death Rider
Adam Copeland b. Malakai Black – Grindhouse
Mercedes Mone b. Willow Nightingale – Mone Maker
Elite b. Team AEW – Running knee to Danielson

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