• RUMOR: NBC Universal And USA Unhappy With Over Recent Returns

    They might have a point. There were a few different surprises at Summerslam with more than a few big changes taking place. Some of these were more interesting than others,...

    NewsAugust 27, 2021
  • RUMOR: USA Network Unhappy With NXT Changes

    NewsAugust 11, 2021
  • NXT Being Moved Around Later This Month

    Mark your calendars. There have been all kinds of changes taking place throughout the wrestling world over the last year, with some of them being a bit more important than...

    NewsJuly 14, 2021
  • RUMOR: Stephanie McMahon, Networks Working On Building WWE Audience

    The boss is in. WWE has grown into the biggest and most powerful wrestling promotion in history, reaching a level that was almost impossible to fathom. They currently have seven...

    NewsJuly 9, 2021
  • Update On NXT Possibly Changing Nights In April

    That would change things. We are on the way towards WrestleMania 37 and that means things are going to get a lot more interesting in a hurry. The two night...

    NewsMarch 5, 2021
  • More On NXT Possibly Being Moved, USA Contract Expiring

    Tick tock? WWE is in an interesting place at the moment as they are facing actual competition for the first time in a very good while. That isn’t something they...

    NewsJanuary 23, 2021
  • WWE RUMOR: USA “Furious” Over Monday Night Raw, Demand Changes

    NewsDecember 19, 2020
  • Bayley Explains Wrestling To The USA Network

    She would know. The WWE women’s division has come a long, long way in just a few years and it seems to be continuing to grow. There are a lot...

    NewsJuly 1, 2020
  • USA Network “Very Unhappy” With WWE Changes

    You might not want to annoy them. The big story coming out of WWE this week was the firing of Paul Heyman as the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw....

    NewsJune 13, 2020
  • RUMOR: WWE And TV Networks At Odds Over New Rule

    We’re doing this again. Currently, WWE’s two major television shows have their own unique rosters. That can make for some problematic situations as the wrestlers are going to be able...

    NewsMay 15, 2020