Sonya Deville

  • Time For A New Career: WWE Star Loses Her Job This Week On Monday Night Raw

    Put it on the resume. There are a lot of ways to present a wrestler in WWE as there are several roles they can fill. What matters is finding the...

    NewsMay 10, 2022
  • Here’s Why WWE Chose Sonya Deville As Bianca Belair’s First Challenger

    NewsApril 22, 2022
  • Sign It Up: New Title Match Confirmed For WWE WrestleMania Backlash

    Put it on the list. We are done with WrestleMania but WWE is not done with using the show’s name. In addition to two nights of WrestleMania, there is also...

    NewsApril 13, 2022
  • Stipulation Expected To Be Added To WWE Elimination Chamber Grudge Match

    It’s a different way to go. There are all kinds of wrestling matches throughout any given week and the majority of them are under the standard set of rules. Then...

    NewsFebruary 18, 2022
  • New Grudge Match Set For WWE Elimination Chamber

    Add it to the card. We are just over a week away from WWE Elimination Chamber and that means it is time to get the rest of the card together....

    NewsFebruary 12, 2022
  • WWE Had Some Different Plans For An Upcoming In-Ring Return

    What could have been. There are a lot of people on the WWE roster and there are times when it is not that easy to get everyone on television. Sometimes...

    NewsDecember 18, 2021
  • WATCH: New Star Makes Save In WWE SmackDown Debut

    NewsDecember 11, 2021
  • WWE Makes Another Change To Survivor Series Card

    There’s your replacement. We are less than four days away from Survivor Series and that means the card should be mostly set. That being said, WWE has a tendency to...

    NewsNovember 18, 2021
  • Another Backstage Fight Nearly Broke Out Over Charlotte/Becky Lynch Incident

    Call it a spinoff? With so many wrestlers on the WWE roster, there are always going to be people whose personalities eventually clash. This could be due to almost anything...

    NewsOctober 26, 2021
  • WWE Star Returning To The Ring For First Time In Over A Year

    One more time? Every now and then, a wrestler may have to take some time away from the ring for one reason or another. This could be anything from an...

    NewsOctober 9, 2021