Sister Abigail

  • How Bray Wyatt’s Puppets Almost Wrestled In WWE

    What could have been. There are certain characters in wrestling who are about as unique as you can get. No one else can play them and no one else would...

    NewsJuly 11, 2021
  • Matt Hardy on Being ‘Woken’ as Opposed to ‘Broken,’ Sister Abigail

    NewsMarch 7, 2018
  • Rumor: Sister Abigail’s Identity Revealed?

    A face with the name. One of the bigger moments of last night’s episode of “Monday Night Raw” was Bray Wyatt suggesting that Sister Abigail was going to make her...

    RumorsOctober 3, 2017
  • Here’s How Bray Wyatt Discovered Sister Abigail

      Bray Wyatt has become known for his finishing move Sister Abigail, a swinging reverse STO that typically involves the theatrical touches of a long look at the audience and a...

    NewsDecember 16, 2016
  • Bray Wyatt Pulled From WWE's Tour of Japan

    Rumor: Bray Wyatt Returning to Monday Night Raw Next Week

    Bray Wyatt went down with a calf injury shortly after Wrestlemania 32. It was obvious he was suffering from some nagging injuries for a few weeks before, so he needed...

    RumorsJune 1, 2016
  • Bray Wyatt Teasing “Sister Abigail” For Upcoming Return

    The return of “The Eater of Worlds” is coming sooner rather than later. WWE has done an interesting thing by keeping Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan off Raw and SmackDown...

    NewsMay 28, 2016
  • Bray Wyatt Potentially Injured at WWE Live Event

    The Wyatt Family Debuting Sister Abigail Character Soon

    NewsJanuary 14, 2016
  • WWE Teases New Wyatt Family Feud on "Monday Night Raw"

    Rumor Mill: Female Wyatt Family Member to Debut Soon

    A couple of months ago, there was a rumor of former WWE Diva Victoria could possibly be making a return to WWE in the near future. Unfortunately, those rumors haven’t...

    NewsJanuary 2, 2016
  • Report: WWE Officials Discussing Creating Sister Abigail Character

    The debut of Braun Strowman this past Monday night on “Raw” strengthened The Wyatt Family faction even more, adding a giant to the mix to combat the duo of Roman...

    NewsAugust 26, 2015
  • Bray Wyatt Discusses the Wyatt Family, Sister Abigail, Vince McMahon

    WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt recently spoke with Chad Dukes of the “Chad Dukes Wrestling Show” to discuss various topics related to wrestling. Below are a few of the highlights of...

    NewsDecember 5, 2014