• More Information On Some Recent WWE Releases

    That’s why they’re gone. The WWE releases struck again this week, as several more wrestlers and employees were let go from the company. This batch focused on NXT, as several...

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  • Latest WWE Releases Leave People “Befuddled” Backstage

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  • WWE References To Released Wrestlers Thought To Go Too Far

    It didn’t go over well. There are a lot of ways to hype up a match in WWE and some of them are a bit more successful than others. Some...

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  • VIDEOS: Wrestling World Reacts To Latest WWE Releases

    They don’t seem pleased. One of the biggest WWE stories over the last year and a half has been the string of releases. The company has released well over 100...

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  • BREAKING: WWE Releases 8 More Wrestlers

    And it continues. According to Sean Ross Sapp of, WWE has released 8 more wrestlers from its roster. This is in addition to the many releases that took place...

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  • More On Several Recent WWE Releases And Backstage Restructuring

    They’re done too. WWE has been going through a lot of changes in recent months, with a lot of them being in front of the camera. There have been all...

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  • These WWE Wrestlers Requested To Be Released

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  • AEW’s Tony Khan Offers Interesting Comments On WWE Releases

    His opinion matters. The wrestling world has changed since the rise of AEW and there is nothing to suggest that those changes are going to stop anytime soon. The company...

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  • WWE Almost Released These Wrestlers As Well

    That could have been a lot worse. There have been all kinds of changes to the WWE in recent years and NXT has taken a large share of hits of...

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  • What WWE Had Planned For Some Of The Recently Released Wrestlers

    What could have been. WWE did it again earlier this week as they released nearly twenty more wrestlers from the company. That is not the kind of thing that you...

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