• RUMOR: NXT Undergoes Even More Cuts Before Relaunch

    Who else is left? One of the biggest wrestling stories of the year has been the amount of cuts made in WWE. While the wrestlers are going to get the...

    NewsSeptember 13, 2021
  • Recent WWE Releases Changed NXT Plan At The Last Minute

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  • WWE Planning To Release Even More Wrestlers

    We’re not done yet? There have been all kinds of roster changes on the WWE roster in the last few months with dozens of wrestlers being let go from the...

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  • Update On NXT’s Backstage Reaction To Recent Releases

    Can you blame them? The WWE roster has been undergoing a lot of changes over the course of the last year and those changes are going to be felt for...

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  • Mark Henry Says WWE Threw A Grenade Into Locker Room

    He might be onto something. The big story this week has been the latest batch of NXT releases. More than ten new names have been released from NXT and this...

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  • More Details On WWE Releases, How Vince McMahon Was Involved

    The more you know. The WWE roster was shaken up again this week as the company released another dozen names from the roster. This has become a regular occurrence for...

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  • Wrestling World Reacts To NXT Releases (And They Aren’t Happy)

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  • More On NXT Releases, Major Changes May Be Coming

    Is that a good reason? NXT may be the most unique wrestling promotion in the world and has been for a long time now. In addition to being the WWE’s...

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  • BREAKING: WWE Releases Twelve More Wrestlers

    There they go again. The biggest story of the year for WWE has been the string of releases from the company. All kinds of wrestlers have been let go from...

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  • Emotional Bayley Opens Up On Recent WWE Releases

    As she should be. WWE has undergone a lot of changes over the last several months as dozens of wrestlers have left the company. This has led to quite the...

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