• WWE May Be Releasing More Wrestlers Soon

    It continues to loom. The WWE roster of three years ago looks very little like the WWE roster of today, as the company has released all kinds of wrestlers from...

    NewsJune 9, 2022
  • Update On WWE Releases (And It Isn’t A Good Thing)

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  • Say What? WWE Releases Suggest Major Communication Issues With Creative

    They might want to work on that. WWE is the largest wrestling company in the world and that brings a lot of benefits. They are able to do things that...

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  • WATCH: Former WWE Stars And Wrestling World React To Recent Releases

    They have something to say. One of the biggest wrestling stories in recent years has been the amount of wrestlers released from WWE. The company has let all kinds of...

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  • BREAKING: WWE Releases Nine More From Company (Plus One More)

    Here we go again. WWE has shaken up its roster like never before in recent years, letting well over a hundred names go from the company. It can make for...

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  • WWE Roster Reportedly Worried About More Releases

    They have reason to worry. One of the biggest wrestling stories over the last few years has been the amount of releases WWE has made. Hundreds of wrestlers have been...

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  • You Might Be Seeing Some Released WWE Names Again Soon

    NewsFebruary 2, 2022
  • More Information On Some Recent WWE Releases

    That’s why they’re gone. The WWE releases struck again this week, as several more wrestlers and employees were let go from the company. This batch focused on NXT, as several...

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  • Latest WWE Releases Leave People “Befuddled” Backstage

    Can you blame them? Possibly the biggest wrestling story over the last year and a half has been WWE’s long string of releases. The company has not stopped lately either,...

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  • WWE References To Released Wrestlers Thought To Go Too Far

    It didn’t go over well. There are a lot of ways to hype up a match in WWE and some of them are a bit more successful than others. Some...

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