• Two Turns Took Place On Monday Night Raw (And One Person Wasn’t Even There)

    Switch them up. There are a few different ways to freshen up a wrestler every now and then, with some of them having been used for years. One of the...

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  • WATCH: WWE Tag Team Splits, Grudge Match Already Set

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  • How WWE Is Trying To Make The New Andre The Giant

    They have plans for him. There are very few generational talents in wrestling, as it is hard to find someone who truly makes that kind of an impact. Often times...

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  • Already No More? WWE Tag Team Teases Split

    Time to move on? Tag team wrestling has a strange history in WWE, as the company has been hit or miss to say the least. While there have definitely been...

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  • WRESTLING RUMOR: Surprise Split Almost Took Place During WWE Draft

    That could have been a stretch. The WWE Draft has come and gone for the year and that means a lot of changes have taken place. There were several major...

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  • New Title Match Announced For WWE Crown Jewel

    The card keeps growing. We are less than three weeks away from WWE Crown Jewel, as the company returns to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This series of shows has...

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  • So Yes? Another Title Match Added To Summerslam

    NewsAugust 17, 2021
  • Hilarious Story Of How Omos Cracked Up Undertaker, Triple H And Batista

    That’s not what was planned. Wrestling is a rather complicated presentation, as you have a mixture of action, drama, comedy, suspense and more, all mixed together with an athletic presentation...

    HumorAugust 13, 2021
  • Here Are The Summerslam Plans For Randy Orton And Riddle

    That’s one way to go. We are less than two weeks away from Summerslam and that means WWE should have everything set in stone for the show. There are still...

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  • Original Plans For Canceled Summerslam Match Revealed

    What could have been. We are on our way to Summerslam and that means things are going to be getting intense in a hurry. With less than two weeks to...

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