Los Lotharios

  • Two Up: WWE Discussing Plans To Bring NXT Tag Team Back To Main Roster, Work With Stable

    Come on in? Stables have been one of the most common ideas in wrestling history, as they serve multiple purposes at once. In addition to saving quite a bit of...

    NewsSeptember 5, 2023
  • They’re Good: Update On WWE Rarely Using Talented Tag Team

    NewsMay 24, 2023
  • It’s Not Over: Two More SmackDown Stars Heading To Monday Night Raw Roster

    They’re gone too. WWE has such a big roster of talent that they can move wrestlers from one show to another without much trouble. It is the kind of thing...

    NewsFebruary 6, 2023
  • No Reunion Invitation For Them: WWE Forgot Two Of Its Wrestlers Are Related

    Shouldn’t they know that? WWE has a rather large roster and the company knows how to use a good portion of them. This can involve using them in a bunch...

    NewsJuly 21, 2022
  • WWE Teases Splitting Up Yes Another Tag Team

    Yes, again. Tag teams have a weird history in WWE. The company has a tendency to break up tag teams out of nowhere, occasionally even seeming to put them together...

    NewsApril 16, 2022