• Uh Oh: WWE May Be Facing Another Lawsuit Soon

    That’s an important part. WWE has long since taken over the wrestling industry and no other promotion really comes close to what they are doing. That puts them in a...

    NewsJune 21, 2022
  • AEW Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Americans With Disabilities Act

    NewsMay 5, 2022
  • WWE Amazing Argument In Monopoly Lawsuit (This Is Kind Of Nuts)

    They don’t own the whole thing. WWE is the biggest and most powerful wrestling promotion in the world. This has been the case for a long time now and no...

    NewsMarch 18, 2022
  • Former Impact Wrestling Star Suing Company For A Lot Of Money

    That’s a bad way to go. There are a lot of wrestlers in the industry and the majority of them come and go without doing much of note. When you...

    NewsMarch 4, 2022
  • WWE Attorney Responds To Lawsuit Filed By Major League Wrestling

    Now it’s WWE’s turn. WWE is the biggest wrestling promotions in the world and that brings a lot of benefits. The company has more money, more resources, more notoriety and...

    NewsJanuary 15, 2022
  • WWE Being Sued By Major League Wrestling Over Anti-Trust Claims

    That could be a big deal. WWE is the biggest and most powerful wrestling promotion in the world and that has been the case for a very long time. It...

    NewsJanuary 12, 2022
  • WWE Gets Approval To Lose A Lot Of Money Soon

    NewsOctober 30, 2021
  • Major Update On Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Riddle

    It’s done. Last year, the SpeakingOut Movement shook up the wrestling world in a huge way that could not have been seen coming. A series of statements, announcements and interviews...

    NewsJuly 13, 2021
  • Vince McMahon And More WWE Executives Facing Huge Lawsuit

    The boss is in trouble. WWE is a lot of things, but ultimately it is a business. As a result, the company needs to find out how to make the...

    NewsJune 17, 2021
  • WWE Scores Major Win In Long Running Concussion Lawsuit

    That’s a big step. WWE is a huge company and has been around for a very long time now. That means the company has featured a lot of wrestlers over...

    NewsApril 26, 2021