• Money Talks: Details On WWE’s Settlement Over Antitrust Lawsuit With MLW

    It’s over. WWE and AEW dominate most of the wrestling landscape as they are by far the biggest and most powerful promotions in the United States. However they are far...

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  • Maybe Later: How The Vince McMahon Lawsuit Impacted AEW’s Major Announcement

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  • Their Say: TKO Group And Vince McMahon Respond To Allegations Against McMahon

    They had to say something. The wrestling world has been very busy this week and it got even more chaotic this week. On Thursday, a lawsuit was filed against Vince...

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  • Vince McMahon Sued Over Sex Trafficking Allegations In Major Lawsuit From Former WWE Employee

    WWE has been around or decades and become the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. There have been several people who have caused that to be the case, with Vince...

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  • All Done: WWE Settles Major Lawsuit With Other Wrestling Promotion

    It’s over. While WWE gets the most attention in the wrestling world, there are other promotions out there which have their own place in the industry. You will occasionally see...

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  • Not Now: Interesting Backstage Reason On Why WWE Is Not Trying To Bring In More Stars

    There’s a reason for that. WWE is the largest and most powerful wrestling promotion in the world and as a result, there are going to be wrestlers who want to...

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  • WWE Being Sued For Racial Discrimination

    NewsApril 27, 2023
  • Who? Former Impact Wrestling Star Files Bizarre $3 Billion Lawsuit Against Wrestlers And Others

    That’s uh, something. Wrestlers can be all over the place at times, as you do not know where things are going to go from one day to another. Sometimes those...

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  • Lawyer Up: WWE Facing Lawsuit Over Injury At WrestleMania 38

    That’s a bad one. WWE is a multi billion dollar wrestling promotion and the most powerful in all of the industry. That is the kind of thing that can lead...

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  • By His Ruling: Lawsuit Filed Against WWE By MLW Dismissed, Case Not Over Yet

    Dismissed for now. While WWE is the biggest and most powerful wrestling promotion in the world, they are certainly not the only one. The company has dominated the industry for...

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