Jordynne Grace

  • Nailed It: Backstage Details On TNA’s Jordynne Grace Taking Part In WWE Royal Rumble

    She did well. The Royal Rumble has come and gone and as usual, there were quite a few surprise entrants in the show’s namesake matches. Those matches are the main...

    NewsJanuary 29, 2024
  • They’re In: Both Royal Rumbles Feature Several Surprises, Including Other Promotion’s Champion

    NewsJanuary 28, 2024
  • On The Market: Former Champion Now A Free Agent, Multiple Promotions Interested

    On the market. While WWE and AEW get all of the attention in wrestling, there are several other promotions out there with some very high quality talent of their own....

    NewsMay 27, 2023
  • Impact Wrestling Results – May 11, 2023

    Impact Wrestling Date: May 11, 2023 Location: Cicero Stadium, Cicero, Illinois Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt We are inching closer to Under Siege and the World Title situation is looking...

    NewsMay 13, 2023
  • Impact Wrestling Results – December 22, 2022

    Impact Wrestling Date: December 22, 2022 Location: Charles F. Dodge City Center, Pembroke Pines, Florida Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt We’re still getting closer to Hard To Kill and now...

    NewsDecember 23, 2022
  • Impact Wrestling Results – November 11, 2022

    Impact Wrestling Date: November 10, 2022 Location: Sam’s Town Live, Las Vegas, Nevada Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt We have two shows left before Overdrive and the card is mostly...

    NewsNovember 11, 2022
  • Impact Wrestling Results – October 6, 2022

    NewsOctober 7, 2022
  • Can’t Afford A Wrestling Show? A Wrestler Wants To Help You.

    Putting her money where your mouth is. There is a lot of wrestling in the world today and it is almost impossible to keep track of everything that is going...

    NewsMarch 15, 2022
  • Two For One: Wrestling Star Wins Titles In Another Sport (She Won A Sword)

    She’s good at that too. Wrestlers get a bad reputation when it comes to athleticism. While they are certainly athletes, they are often looked at differently because the matches they...

    NewsFebruary 6, 2022
  • Backstage Heat On AEW Star Over Tweets Insulting ROH’s Jonathan Gresham

    He went a bit too far. There are a lot of ways to set up a wrestling feud, though some of the modern versions are a little bit different than...

    NewsDecember 23, 2021