• WATCH: Lacey Evans Has Awkward Interaction With Fan

    That was awkward. There are all kinds of wrestlers in the world today and all of them have fans. Some of their fan bases are much larger than others but...

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  • WWE’s Scarlett Reportedly Involved In Incident With Fan At Live Event

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  • WATCH: Rhea Ripley Messes With A Fan At WWE Live Event

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  • WATCH: Ronda Rousey Goes After A Fan At WWE Live Event

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  • D’Oh! How A WWE Star’s Entrance Once Broke An Elderly Fan’s Glasses

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  • WATCH: Fan Attacks Wrestler At Independent Event And A Brawl Breaks Out

    You’re not supposed to do that. Wrestlers have a difficult job to do every single night. Aside from having their match and keeping everyone involved safe, they are also required...

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  • Fan Pretends To Be Wrestler, Gets Thrown Out Of AEW Locker Room

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  • VIDEO: Fan Attacks Seth Rollins During Monday Night Raw, Arrested

    Uh….security? Some wrestlers are in a tough spot at times as their job is to make the fans hate them. The goal of a villain in wrestling is to get...

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  • WATCH: Randy Orton Helps A Fan In Distress At WWE Live Event

    He was being a hero. Wrestlers are the kind of people you do not get to see in person very often so it is a special treat to be at...

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  • CM Punk Might Literally Cause A Fan To Eat His Shoes (With Salt)

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