• Here’s Why The Fiend Was Drafted To Monday Night Raw

    Keep them apart. The WWE Draft took place back in October and is going to have widespread effects on how the companies two main rosters look for a good while...

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  • WWE May Have Already Reversed A Draft Move

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  • Interesting Detail On New Day Being Split Up

    That’s kind of last minute. We are over a week removed from the 2020 WWE Draft and a lot of things went down in just a few hours. It is...

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  • Who WWE Sees As The Top Stars After 2020 Draft

    Behold the pecking order. The 2020 WWE Draft has come and gone and we are now moving into the new normal between the two rosters. The lineups for both shows...

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  • WWE’s Plans For Undrafted Superstars

    We’re not done with you yet. There are a so many people on the WWE roster that it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. With a...

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  • All Of Monday’s WWE Draft Picks, Including Non-Televised Picks

    The final results. The 2020 WWE Draft is finally over and there were a lot of moves made. Over the course of last week’s SmackDown and this week’s Monday Night...

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  • Six Former World Champions Change Brands During WWE Draft

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  • Champions Switch Brands In WWE Draft

    No one is safe. This past Friday, WWE began the 2020 Draft, which means we are going to be in for some of the biggest changes that you are going...

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  • Opinion: 2020 WWE Draft; Day 1 Thoughts

    This past Friday night on Smackdown, WWE presented the first day of the 2020 Draft. While there were some moves that were not surprising, there were some that will definitely...

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  • More Draft Picks On Talking Smack See More Teams Split Up

    We’re not done yet. Friday night saw the first half of the WWE Draft, with the first pool of wrestlers being distributed to form the new Monday Night Raw and...

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