• Not So Fast: New Report Suggests WWE Draft Taking Place At Very Different Time

    You’ll have to wait a bit. With so many names on the WWE roster and so many changes taking place at the same time, it would make sense for WWE...

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  • They’re Thinking About It: WWE Locker Room Suspects Huge Event Is Coming

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  • WWE Making A Change To This Year’s Draft

    Mark your calendars. There are certain wrestling shows that occupy certain times of the year. Some of these have been around for a very long time and can be game...

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  • WWE Has Another Communication Problem With Its Wrestlers

    They might want to work on that. There are a lot of problems in WWE today, including several situations that the company brings on itself. When you look at them...

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  • Here Or There: WWE’s Plans For Recent Event Were Very Confused

    You might need to get it together. There are a lot of moving parts in WWE and sometimes it seems like things are a little bit messy. You will see...

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  • Bad Sign About WWE’s Communication Issues With Its Wrestlers

    They might need to work on that. Despite being the undisputed biggest wrestling promotion in the world, there is no denying that there are some problems in WWE. The company...

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  • Backstage News On Several Missing WWE Wrestlers

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  • Some Surprising Draft Picks Take Place On Monday Night Raw

    Meet the new stars. WWE has so many wrestlers that it is able to separate them into three different groups. That is not something many promotions can do, but it...

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  • More WWE Draft Picks From Raw Talk, Plus Remaining Free Agents

    We aren’t done yet. The WWE Draft has come and gone for the year and it was certainly an eventful pair of nights. There were dozens of moves made with...

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  • Special New WWE Signing Drafted To Monday Night Raw In Surprise Move

    There’s your game changer. The WWE Draft has the potential to shake up a lot of things in the company in a hurry and sometimes it happens more than others....

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