Thomas Hall

  • Major League Wrestling Fusion Results – February 17, 2021

    Here is the full show if you would like to watch it for free: Fusion #122 Date: February 17, 2021 Location: Filthy Island, Hawaii Commentators: Dan Lambert, Tom Lawlor, Jared...

    NewsFebruary 24, 2021
  • WWE Announces Set Of Biographies And New Series

    NewsFebruary 23, 2021
  • Possibly Injury Takes Place On Monday Night Raw

    It can happen to anyone. There are all kinds of ways for an injury to take place in wrestling and that can make for some rather scary moments. You never...

    NewsFebruary 23, 2021
  • How Jon Moxley Got Ric Flair Arrested (Allegedly)

    That’s a wrestling story. There are certain stories that you hear that could only exist in wrestling. A business that is built around carrying on a huge lie throughout every...

    NewsFebruary 23, 2021
  • Problems Continue Between Retribution After Monday Night Raw

    Things aren’t looking great. Stables are an interesting way to go in wrestling as there are great at giving a lot of people screen time at once. Sometimes you are...

    NewsFebruary 23, 2021
  • WWE Sees Something Special In Damien Priest

    He got their attention. A wrestler’s introduction is one of the most important thing a wrestler can have as a good one can make them a star while a bad...

    NewsFebruary 23, 2021
  • WWE Makes Big Change To Ric Flair Storyline

    NewsFebruary 23, 2021
  • VIDEO: Kevin Owens’ Tribute To WWE Production Staff

    That’s rather nice. There are all kinds of people involved in making a WWE show work and a lot of the have nothing to do with the wrestling itself. WWE...

    NewsFebruary 23, 2021
  • Update On Changes To WWE Thunderdome Atmosphere

    It would seem to help. The Coronavirus has changed almost everything for WWE and that is likely going to be the case for a long time to come. There is...

    NewsFebruary 23, 2021
  • VIDEO: Asuka Gets A Tooth Kicked Out During Tag Match

    It’s a dangerous sport. While the results of a wrestling show are pre-determined, that does not mean everything is fake. The people who are getting in the ring are real...

    NewsFebruary 23, 2021