Is there anything John Cena can’t do? It seems we’re going to find out this weekend.

As we reported a few days ago, John Cena will host Saturday Night Live December 10th. He’s certainly on a trajectory to bust through to the mainstream. His appearance in last summer’s Trainwreck was a highlight of that movie, with Cena poking fun of his physique and stereotyping body-builders. Critics noted Cena’s natural charm and comedic timing. We’re sure this led to the SNL offer.

While Cena’s hosting gig was announced last week, a video was released today hyping the appearance:

Cena is hardly the first wrestler to try his luck on “Saturday Night Live.” Mr. T. and Hulk Hogan appeared on the show back in 1985 to hype up the first Wrestlemania, and the Rock has hosted the show several times. On his first appearance, Rock appeared in a scene with Mick Foley, Triple H and the Big Show.

The musical guest Saturday will be Maren Morris.

What’s your take on Cena getting a hosting gig on SNL? Do you think he’ll be able to keep up with the cast — whom he playfully promised he will “destroy?” Will you watch the episode? Let us know in the comment section below. Make sure to like our Wrestling Rumors Facebook page.


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